Hi, Whenever I’ve used this name before most end up shortening it to Sugar so by all means use it it’s fine.

I mostly work with dragons and demons, but I get a lot of random species visiting so that’s fun ^.^ (until someone hides my keys or something)

I’ve loved Egyptology since I was a kid, come across Set a couple of times, but willing to work with most pantheons.

Welcome @SugarskullMM

Where do you hail from?

Do you practice any specific system or tradition of magick?

How long have you practiced?

I hail from England (bring on the jokes about tea)
I’m currently looking for something to focus on, just none of that “love and light” crap.
I’ve known about spirits, entities and magic for years but live with muggle parents who don’t exactly believe or approve of any of this, but now I gave ways around them.

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No worries about that. We have a good many here from England, including our moderator :slight_smile:

So, if I understand you correctly, you don’t practice anything specific, but just work with a natural affinity for spirits?

Correct, although my senses could be better :sweat_smile: sometimes I get clear images, or a feeling they’re there, a few times my mind has wandered off into different realms.

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