Hello. I go by Renegade or Ren, for short. I’m 24 years old and live in the southeastern United States. I am fairly eclectic in areas where magic is concerned. I keep falling into quiet spells (pun not intended) and am working to fix that, though. I want to be more active with my practice and to keep improving myself and growing.

I am agnostic and unsure whether I believe in gods as separate entities or as symbols/archetypes or a mix of both. I personally feel a sense of identification with the Egyptian god Set, though.

I was part of an organized Kemetic religion for a period of time. In that, I was divined as a son of Set. Beyond this, I won’t go into other specifics as I want to leave that chapter of my journey in the past and be practically anonymous. It made sense for a bit but my interactions with Set seemed to be from within myself rather than from some external force. It was like being Set and just tapping into a part of myself that Set-as-a-symbol could be applied to.

At some point recently (2019 or so), I found out about the left hand path and realized “well, damn, that has been how I have been all along”.

Even as part of the religion I mentioned, I was never one to just blindly listen or bow before anyone regardless of who they are. I questioned the leader, questioned the gods as entities, questioned the rites (and got ganged up on for questioning the rites aloud on an unofficial discord server for the religion)…questioned it all. There was also a profound sense of being apart from the rest, too. I felt like a Set animal amongst sheep and maybe that is exactly what I was.

Sorry this is rambly. Never really did well with introductions. If you have any questions about me or my practices, feel free to ask and I will do the best I can to answer.

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Welcome :blush:

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Very unique. Glad to have you here.

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Welcome to the forum

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How long have you been practicing?


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What’s been your most supernatural experience?

Time is a bit wonky for me but I was practicing some sort of watered down magic in roughly 2009 and started doing less watered down, less half-assed stuff in 2015.

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I used to live in a supposedly haunted house. From the ages of 5 up until I was 11. I have a really bad memory but I can remember having stuff thrown towards me (never to hit me, it seemed like it was just an attempt to get attention). Seeing weird looking baby type things watching me and then running away on all fours once I looked at them. Hearing 3 knocks in the attic around 3 AM every night.

I have a hard time believing that what I experienced was truly supernatural in origin, though. It may have been something, though.