I’m very new to magick, but have successfully cast a spell to attract money into my life, as well as a spell to bring my family closer. I have also had good results with beauty and self-confidence spells.
I have also petitioned Marquis Amon for the resolution of a friendship, but ended up damaging that friendship further once my request was granted. Oops. I will speak to Amon in the future, but right now I am fairly ashamed.

I’ve now begun communicating with Duke Sallos in order to attract love into my life, and I have a very good feeling about how everything is going.


Welcome to the forum.

Nice intro. Welcome to the forums.

Welcome! Glad you’re here.

Interesting update. Duke Sallos has asked me to involve Duke Dantalion, as they wish to work together with me. I was confused as to why this might be at first, but the more I’ve researched Dantalion, the more I’ve realized that my ex, whom I still hold in very high regard, is very similar in nature to this Duke.

My ex strongly believes that we met in order for him to teach and guide me.
Dantalion also wishes to teach and guide me in much the same way. IE: I have rather low empathy and low self esteem, and these are things that both my ex and Dantalion want to help me with. I really don’t think this is a coincidence!

Now, with Duke Sallos, he pretty much told me what sort of payment he’d like right away. I am to draw him a picture of a crocodile, and then assist in the conservation of crocodillians through donations and charity work for the rest of my life. This is something I am very eager to do for him.

Duke Dantalion, on the other hand, has not yet told me what he’d like from me. He seems to be hinting that he’d like me to grow something for him, although I am not sure what. He also asked me for some Gatoraid – guess modern offerings for modern times? It seemed cheap to me at first, but I understand now that it makes sense for the era that I live in.

In any case, I am already very fond of Dantalion and I feel his presence at all times. I feel very safe and protected with both him and Duke Sallos.