Hello Y'all- Looking for advice and comradeship

Hey, Business guy from the UK here.

I’ve been ‘dabbling’ in the occult and mysticism for about 8 years on and off. I’ve had some pretty cool experiences during that time (I seem to be very good at vision work) but all unfocused.

I recently hit a snag in my business and felt drawn to do more left-hand path style work out of necessity. I felt drawn to work with Lucifer. I started receiving visions from him and did an evocation. He appeared a lot gruffer in my evocation then in my visions but I did evoke a solar being during the hour of Mars (doh.) He accepted an offering of red wine and plums and said he’d mentor me.

He gave me a mantra and I almost got possessed during the ritual, spitting out what sounded like Latin for 3 minutes. All good stuff. The second time I evoked him was during the solar hour and he seemed quite pure and almost Jesus like. True morning sun stuff. I guess it depends on what face he shows you.

I then got a message to evoke Belial. I hadn’t really done much Goetia work but Lucifer said I needed to do it and I needed to overcome my fear (according to him being a great sorcerer is about daring as much as skill and fear is chain we tie around ourselves.)

I did a dual evocation of Lucifer and then Belial. I asked for assistance. Belial said to offer him raw meat, pine nuts and fruit as an offering when the task is done. He seemed gruff but a lot more down to earth then I expected. I’m waiting on results as this is all quite quick but most of my rituals get results in some form or another.

When I was in this mad flurry of magic I thought ‘it would be good to be connected to others doing stuff like this.’ I also got drawn towards EA Koetting’s stuff more and more.

So that’s my tale. I could just be mad lol. Who knows?




Welcome to the forum.

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Nah not mad at all. Welcome to the forum :grin:


We are all here for each other…


Aren’t we all a little mad? Our madness is what brings us together. It’s what makes us stronger. Glad to have you be apart of the community. Enjoy your time here, friend.


Welcome! Thanks for sharing your experiences.

Question about your offerings…from a realistic/logistic standpoint, how do you offer raw meat? Do you just put it on your altar? For how long?


Yeah, just on a plate on the alter. Only a day or so depending on heat and other factors. I ask the spirit if it’s had it’s fill first.


Welcome; I’m sure you’ll find no shortage of both here.

Once you’ve suffered a bout or six of insanity and been immersed in genuine magical current and experience, there’s no mistaking one for the other.


Welcome, nope you are certinately not mad at all.

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We’re all mad here, dear. You’re in good company. And welcome from some fellow newbies.

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Wc bro can you teach me envocation

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Ah fuck bro you might have invoked Sorath. You should get an Oroborous Talisman and wear it continually. Research the power it has. You’ll know then this is good advice.

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