Hello, totally new to demonology

Hello everyone , I’m jamal 17 years old and English isn’t my first language. I’m from Canada Montreal. I have no real experience with magic, I found this group while searching for a great meditation. Then I found this… I was really curious, I know some wicca and dark magic but demonology never heard of it. That why I am here. So if you got any good website or anything that could help me know more about it.


Welcome to the forum.

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile: why the interest in Demonology?

demonology is study of demons. I rather be a magick magician that apply demons to better oneself. U want to do the practical casting or just scholar knowledge of demons ? Get a book on the 72 goetia and you’ll know much about it. Hermetic Magic & Occult - Goetia Demons - Goetia Démonok Or read this

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Welcome to the forum. My thread might be of use to you in your search.


I don’t really know I just felt attracted to it… Also I want to expand my vision about magic

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I guess you don’t know what you want yet until you gots more info and knowledge about it.

What is your first language? (I only inquire as many people lead with this statement)

My first language is French.

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I am Ankana dasgupta . Live in India my lagunge is English n beangali . I have a question that which purpose I can call Lucifer .

Well, I used a simple candle, a written prayer stamped with a drop of my blood, up in ribbon/yarn and beads. I also wrote a simple offering of companionship / friendship stamped in blood and burned in a candle during prayer. I did that at witchings hours midnight to 3 am until candle burned out. It was a very open ended prayer or contract so what Lucifer wants is a mystery.

Why did i do a reckless offering? To test the beings sincerity. For others i’d suggest you be more exact in deals. I just have void fascination so even if i was threatened with being erased from existence; I’d probably still laugh.