Hello there/need help

Hello, i’m a 16 y/o black magick neophyte. I have experience in reiki, radiesthesia and Tarot. I joined this website because I found very useful information to help me on my ascent and i hope to continue learning about the occult world.

I need the help of spirits to make my life easier, so as I was studying the Goëtia I found king paimon, and I only read good things about him. But if you look in the Goëtia, there are two sigils, the first one being harder to draw than the other. I would like to know if both operate equally good or not.
Thanks in advance

I believe that the hard version of the sigil is the more popular, so it would also be more powerful, and doubly so if the operator draws it instead of the other one. That is, unless of significant mistakes in tracing the sigil.

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Thank you I think I will try to draw the hard Version and if it doesn‘t work out I’ll go with the easy one.

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