Hello party people

Hello my name is Mateo. I have been interested in discussions in the forum. I’m more or less here to learn, share some experiences, some lessons. I could go on some wild stoned tangents about myself, I suppose this would be the place for it. You’ll get the short version for now. I’m a stubborn artist, I want to do things MY way, usually. At the moment I live outside, half by choice. As an artist uncertainty is life, one day I may have enough money to lend out, another day I may have to borrow money just to eat or do laundry.
I’m mostly a seer, unless I’m put in dangerous situations I steer away from black magic. I also practice transmuting energy, mostly through music (maybe some define doing this as black magic).

I live life day to day attempting to help myself and others if I’m given the opportunity. I understand the desire for power, yet I am humbled to it, I serve no master, no goddess god demon or angel , I don’t side with evil, nor do I fight with evil, what is evil, wants to be fought. Nor do I side with good, true power corrupts all, true freedom exists only without corruption.

But damn, they sure made that one difficult by throwing money into the equation.

Belial would be good for you…

Yep, this is a synchronicity lol.

with 6 planets in retrograde you can’t expect less. :joy: :joy: I’m interested in learning, considering I’ve been through a series of my own personal versions of living hell. Getting tired of my own hell, ready to try someone else’s version. :joy: