Hello, new to the forum!

Hey there, I’m Emma Dawn!

I started out looking into Satanism as a young teenager, got caught into the JoyofSatan group but found myself not really liking what they were saying, nothing ever really felt right being with them. So I went off on my own, and continued to practice and advance myself. I mainly work with vibrational energies, my eyes are my best tool, and manipulating thoughts is something that is natural to me.

I have a rather casual approach when interacting with demons (Although I just call them “gods” and demons sounds so negative with todays society), of course when doing rituals and meeting someone for the first time I am ultra respectful and make no attempts to crack a joke or laugh. I consider Paimon to be my best friend, and I also work with Malphas or Azazel sometimes. My goal is to be friends with them, to respect each other as equals. I do not like to think I can command them in anyway, and while warfare is necessary, my mind is my weapon. Basically saying that I am no soldier, but I will fight when they say its needed.

Anyways, look forward to learning some new stuff! I am not a newbie but there is always more work to be done. :smiley:


Nice! Welcome to the forum! :wink:

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Welcome to the BALG forum.

Welcome @Emalia!

I also used to be a part of Joy of Satan, I think most spiritually minded individuals stumbled upon it at some point. I have fond memories of converting my childhood friends to Satanism.

It is a rather large group! If you google satanism it’s the first thing that pops up. Of course I no longer follow what they teach, I felt the neo-nazism took it too far.

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