Hello, I've just arrived : )

Hello, I am here to try to expand from what I have learned before.
I have a long held interest in all things ‘unknown’ and unseen, always peering under the skin of what, why and how things have happened in my life, in a search for understanding to develop ways to reach my desires.

Coming here from the learning’s of the Law of Attraction, remote seduction and generally reading lots of stuff to do with psychology and the subconscious, energy work and just lots of reading and thinking around all kinds of different and interesting subjects.

And now I would really like to know … what is Magic?

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So you don’t practice any magick?

What areas of magick are you interested in?

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Hi, thank you DarkestKnight.

Well I guess I don’t practice magick as such, at least not like it’s described within these pages.
But I do have the awareness that in all things there is energy.

Everything is energy and energy is everything.
And I have experienced many things and created/changed many events and circumstances by tuning in to this awareness and using the power of thought and imagination.

I do appreciate the power of what magick is and what it can possibly do and I see some of the various things I do in general as a kind of ritual to generate energy although, since a time in my early twenties (I’m in my mid fifties now), I’ve not used candles etc. because I thought such things were ‘mere’ props to the internal intentions, therefore I chose to concentrate on thinking, very deeply into things I wanted to change.

So I guess, my most recent conclusion has been that all things that happen revert to and revolve from the Law of Attraction, including the concept of ‘Magick’ … but yes, what do I know???

I suppose I must have been guided here. Perhaps I am ready to experience what others have by using those ‘mere’ props to aid intention. Perhaps I am less afraid of what real magick is and now stronger inside from what I have experienced in my time.

About a year ago, at a time I was experiencing a hugely difficult situation, I had a very strange experience involving a vision or sense of feeling of the presence of a ghost like figure. He was very old, very white skin, long white beard and long white hair, carrying a white staff or walking cane. Everything about him was completely white. He was sat right next to me and put his hand on my shoulder.
I immediately felt calm, he looked at me as if to say this is going to be ok, do not fear this thing you are dealing with. It was like he was going to sort it all out, or already had laid the path to my situation being resolved.
The situation I was fearing and stressed over was a phone call to a company, where the outcome was critical for me and I was quite literally at their mercy for being allowed a good outcome.

Hey presto … the person on the end of the phone said let me speak to my superior, she put me on hold, I stayed calm, she came back and said yes all is ok !!

I felt the presence of this unearthly figure throughout that phone call, then he disappeared. I thanked him, who ever he was and thanked god and enjoyed the rest of my day.

I have no clue who or what that was, perhaps he came to me of his own accord knowing I was in need or perhaps because of an invocation I tried some days or weeks beforehand, which I read about on another forum.
I followed what was explained there, to cross each hand over my opposite shoulders and say three times ‘I call upon the powers of the universe to give me strength, guidance and protection’ then to state what the matter was and then, I think, to thank them and go on with my day.

I don’t remember what this was called or whether it relates to my experience with this entity or guide or whatever it was.

If you have read this far then thank you - and do you have any suggestion for what that was?

I have read a lot of posts here already and I am finding it very fascinating !!
And I hope I can add something helpful to someone sometime :slightly_smiling_face:

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Oh, Love Potion number 9, I think please lol. :grin:

Yep … Love, seduction, lust, relationship, money, luck, personal development.
As for what kind of magick discipline or area of study to progress with, I don’t know yet, open to offers.

I like the idea of sigils, not tried them before so that’s new to me.
Energy work, chakras etc. I think I’m pretty good at meditation.
And simple, basic ritual.

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