Hello im new here!

Hi! My name is zeebioru. Im new here. Been reading up the forum since a few days ago. Ever since i was young, i am very aware of spirits and black magic. My family believes black magic and summoning demon and djinn is real but disapprove of practicing it believing you will go to hell for it. Most of the time, white magic is practiced in my family, but mostly you have to work hard for what you want to achieve even though you have white magic helping you.

Now im old enough to make decisions of my own (am going 27 btw) and i am going through a tough situation. Boyfriend of 7 years promised to marry me but broke up with me because his father just suddenly would not approve of the marriage. No idea why and no answers were given to me. Ive been going white magic past few months to get him back, and somewhat i have almost achieve in getting him back, we are talking, we are meeting, and now there is another girl involve and he seem to change focus and interested in her and has refused to talk to me. Initially, he was going to switch job, and will be coming to work in the same company as me. Since i had just found out about there was another girl involve, he wanted to bring her as well to work in the same company, i was furious, i said alot of things that hurt him, and now he has refused to work or talk to me.
I know alot of people would say, just give him up, find someone else. In my culture, a girl being 27 and still unmarried is an issue. Its an issue to me too. I do not want to anticipate a day i have to married off to my family’s choice. And I have been with him for so long, since day 1 we met, i know i want him as my life partner and have worked hard to make the relationship work.

I’ve tried summoning King Paimon as ive heard alot of great things from forumers. Ive used his sigil, bowed to show my respect when i felt warmness of a presence, and offered him a box of my favourite chocolate biscuits (i cant afford wine yet) and a letter of intent and hope for my ex to soften his heart and contact me. I did not have an altar yet. I hope i did not disrespect him by not having a candle or do a proper ritual for him. Im not sure if he would help on a love issues, but hopefully someone can clarify for me. Thank you.

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He doesn’t usually deal with love matters, but you can ask him to help you with understanding something better, or getting a better perspective. If you just want your ex to contact you, that’s something he might agree to help you with. But helping you get your ex back is not his ”thing“.


Hi Lux! Thanks for replying.

At the current moment, i would like to have my ex contact me and change whatever negativity perspective he had towards me because of our recent arguement.

Which other spirits could i contact to help with regard on love matters? I was pretty close in getting back together with him until a girl came along, so im looking at someone who can switch his interest back to me.

Hi and welcome, Zeebioru.

I would suggest Dantalion for this situation.

This is one page I felt led to. And, I’m glad I followed the guidance. This page is very helpful. For the record, it shows in English to me. Should it be another language on your screen, just hit the translate button for your language and bookmark it that way. :slight_smile:

I wish you the best dear.

Hi LuvAndras78!

Thanks for your reply. I will look into Dantalion for my situation.

On regards that i have seeked help with King Paimon about softening my ex and having him to contact me, i could still work with Dantalion? I dont wanna offend either of them. Could they work on my situation at the same time?


As was said earlier, King Paimon does not do love-type stuff. “Actually, I hate love matters. As far as the requests are concerned, I’m not involved at all.”

So, your best bet is to go to Dantalion.

Ok. Thank you very much for the clarification. I will prepare and try to summon Dantalion and hope he could help with my issue.

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You’re most welcome.