Hello! I finally can't ignore my curiosity any longer

AH! I didn’t mean to sound like I was encouraging their use.Thank you for putting your kids first! I was only trying to caution against abuse of the substance. I have known too many “shamans” who used spirituality as an excuse to indulge in drugs and bad behavior. that is all. Best of luck to you :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome to the forum. Lots of great friendly people on here with lots of knowledge to share. Enjoy

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Thank you for your welcome

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Indeed. When I first came here a long time ago i finally felt as if I had found “the others” - people who perceived the world in similar ways to myself, and without judgement (for most of the time, anyway :P)

I also got the feeling like @lawclerk, that the being you encountered was actually Lucifer. It was the first name that popped up as I read your story, so you may want to start digging there and see what that yields you.

Also, you have a pretty wild and interesting story there @longlostredemption, but rest assured, it is only just beginning :grin:


The symbols of growth and transformation, that you should look at areas of your life that have not been developed or explored and you should not fear change as you have been chosen to achieve your goals of success that could be rewarding and that you are headed in the right direction.

When you receive a strong telepathic communication, be it a vision or voices and you are uncertain, ask for a sign who is speaking and ask what deity are you and who are you, why are you speaking and sending this message?

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Welcome aboard!

This is quite possibly the most active of the occult websites. I’m not sure tbh.

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We each have many spirits that walk with us and watch over us our entire lives. I have met 3 of mine. The message they gave me was identical to the one you got. When I ask them why me…“we have been with you from the time before you were born, we will remain with you after you die. It does not matter who you are, where you were born or how you were raised. If you are one of our children we will always be with you.” There was more, but this was the main point. The have also indicated that belief in them or acknowledgement of their existence does not effect their presence, if they walk with you, they walk with you. You have free will and the choice to open your mind and accept them or not.

I have also found that at different points in my life they get “louder, or more insistant” that I acknowledge them.

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Thank you for the welcome! I like the art piece. Is that an interpretation of Baphomet?

Yeah, I believe so though part of its id is “-satan-public-spaces.jpg” I think I just randomly binged it as I was looking for a welcoming Baphomet type pic.

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Since our experiences are similar, can you maybe shed some light on what’s currently happening to me?

A couple weeks ago, my friend confided in me her husband had been cheating and abandoned his family for his mistress. I found out her deceased mother used to read her tarot and I informed her I actually had a couple decks. I hadn’t used tarot for over a year because of severe depression and was just trying to focus on keeping up my duties as a stay-at-home mom. I read her cards and a friend of hers who was also visiting. I did three readings in a row. I left shortly after because I started crying and didn’t want to explain how I had no clue why I was crying at all.

When I got home, I decided to meditate also for the first time in over a year. When I was browsing YouTube videos, I saw one labeled clairaudient frequency and thought, “Hell. It’s almost Halloween. Mind as well try something occult-y considering I made ancestor spirit bottles last year and have no idea if they work.”

The video was 10 minutes long and by the time it was over, I was feeling a little nauseous and went to lay down. After a bit of laying in the dark, I suddenly had intense pressure in the middle of my forehead and my sinuses. My ears felt sick and sound suddenly became louder. My lifelong visual snow simultaneously became way thicker than I’ve ever seen in my life and I could see undefined shapes for the first time in the visual snow field. My face began going numb in random places. And then I started dry heaving.

It has been nearly every single day since the end of October that I get those hours-long migraines and just want to lay in the dark which is really shitty for me because I have a 1-year-old and 3-year-old. I randomly saw a tarot, palm, etc page on Facebook when I was stalking the ex’s mistress and typed her name in the search bar. I offered a limited time free reading. Every single day I’m now suddenly contacted by mostly Asian women facing a divorce or trying to get custody of their child back. I help because ignoring it feels wrong.

I can’t hear any deities and so far I can see a circle-shaped aura around birds and those shapes in my house. When I close my eyes, I keep getting images of a triangle, a person sitting in the lotus position, an eye, and sometimes a blue elephant walking towards me. Yesterday, a very dim and tiny star caught my eye and I saw spirals come out of it. I can’t figure out what the name of the star is. Tonight the base of my spine feels uncomfortably warm like someone rubbed Tiger Balm on it and I just want to throw up from the migraine. Like the inside of me is dirty.

Do I just wait this out? I have no idea what the images I keep seeing with my eyes closed once. And just now I remembered laying in the dark with my eyes closed and seeing black silhouettes of a boy and a girl holding hands running on front of me. Then I saw a rectangle box I guess like a tv and saw a couple houses lined up like some random neighborhood before they disappeared. Oh – and since the night after the full moon, I’ve maybe had 6 hours of sleep and the worst insomnia of my life. Fuck – I also found a dead bird in my back yard that’s nearly all skeleton except for some feathers attached. No idea what to do with it except I think I’m supposed to keep it? I haven’t touched it at all.

Sorry for the ramble, there’s just not a how-to or WebMD guide for this sort of shit.

It would be hard for me to say for sure what’s going on. My gut reaction is that you have completely overstressed your psychic/magic center. You went from avoiding all magic and energy work for over a year and went straight to doing three readings in a row and an intense meditation exercise in the same day…you are energetically sore because you are out of shape. Kind of like sitting on the couch for a year then jumping up and running a marathon spontaneously one day. You would be very sore and possibly injure yourself in the process.

I’m not sure that’s what’s going on, but kind of makes sense if all the headaches and stuff started right after the day you did the three readings.

You probably need some rest and hopefully you will start to feel better soon. Jumping into stuff is fine, but don’t overload yourself all at once. When I do a lot of work for several days, very intense rituals, or trance possession stuff I sometimes need to give myself a day or two off to rest. Just remember to take care of yourself even if you are trying to help others too.

Maybe some others on this thread might have some other ideas of what may be happening. It’s hard for me to diagnose without spending time with you.

If things don’t improve in a few days get in touch with me and I can look into it more, maybe do a reading, see if there are any entities involved.

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My gratitude to you for your counsel and guidance because sometimes I think I’m wasting my time and theirs…

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I can’t create private messages yet. Can you PM me? Haven’t done anything spiritual today unless you count this forum and got extra sleep. Migraine came back. The back part has turned into tics/spasms. Happening in other random parts too. Not having a good time.

Hi, I can’t PM either. How long has it been since you did the first readings/started getting the headaches? Did they stop for a while now they are coming back or have they still not stopped at all? Is there any non-magical thing that could be causing them…stress, anxiety, mold, exposure to chemicals or poisions?

Either 1 or 2 weeks before Halloween. Nearly every day I have a migraine. No changes in medication, food, or stress. Weird tremors started last night and lasted a few hours. Felt like a wave of energy shot either up or down from the base of my spine resulting in involuntary contractions. Random twitches elsewhere too like hands.

As mentioned in other’s comments, it was most likely Lucifer. Good luck in working with him( if you decide to do so) and welcome to the forum!

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