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Hi y’all! My name is Kat & I’m a college student based in the heart of the Bible Belt. Born & raised in the Christian church, I now want to dive into the witchy way of life (& I feel very much called to do so too)!

This past fall, I had a spiritual awakening & fully realized that I’m magickal, a witch, a psychic, a light-worker… whatever you want to call it. These are terms that resonate with me.
As a result, I became very into astrology, aliens, tarot, numerology, & crystals. I am clairvoyant, clairsentient, & claircognizant. I’ve seen spirit my whole life. As well as the grid system of the earth (Gaia’s grid/cosmic grid). But never really thought much of it, like “oh how strange I see these things! My eyes are just weird I guess!” At times I even believed they were figments of my imagination.

Anywho, I feel such an odd connection to the grid. Like there’s more to the story than just me being able to see it. I would greatly appreciate any tips y’all have to connect with it & get more info!
I’m also interested in learning about my past lives. I greatly struggle with visualizing during meditation, so any advice there is greatly appreciated. :blush:

I would love to learn more about the occult & black magick, as I’ve never really been exposed to them. I’m eager to learn & expand my knowledge in this field.

That’s all I got! So very excited to connect with you all. Take care. :black_heart:


Hi and Welcome to BALG :slight_smile:

Please take a look at this post, I hope you find it helpful :


Welcome to the forum. Those grid lines are exactly what keeps the matrix in place. They hold the matrix together.


Welcome! Glad to see someone who’s wanting to learn this stuff for the sake of it, instead of getting into it because of desperation for a specific thing.


Welcome to the forum.