Hello Guys: I'm The Heretical Cyberpunk Monk

I have moved your post in here as you already had this conversation on BALG forums, and we ask that members do not create duplicate posts for discussing the same issues.

This also helps you as well as helping to keep the forum tidy per the posting rules in the FAQ. If you keep concepts together, posters can see what has already been said and avoid spending effort making suggestions that have already been tried, suggested and maybe dismissed.

To recap your OP…

Are you then saying that your daily meditations are not getting results, or that they do but not enough, and that this is because you cannot release the desire and stop lusting for results?

Unfortunately, this could be in direct conflict with your manifestation… IF what you are doing is continuing to worry that TVs are trashed and feeling bad about it, you are actively putting your emotional energy into solidifying that exact reality.

You can’t have your cake and eat it too. Your mantras are being negated by you yourself, and a binding would be as well. If you can switch up your thoughts to expectations that people ARE doing something you approve of with the TVs, that would be better magically. Then you should find you are already doing enough. To add more is at this point lusting for results and as a form of doubt likely to make the daily practice even less effective.

I also suggest a working to stop TVs from breaking that might help as well, as that would remove a reason for people to trash them or leave them rusting in a basement or garage. I can’t think of an entity for that except the the Deva of TVs as an egregoric spirit itself, borne from the concept of “TVs” as an entity.