Hello from the East coast of the U.S

Greetings all. I’m Venefica, or Ven for short if you don’t feel like typing. I’m a half century old left handed witch, who was raised in the craft by old Momma Dukes, who was a hippie witch. I have my finger in a lot of pies these days, and always have it seems. I just can’t seem to commit to a field of study. Hopefully this site will help. You’ll be seeing me lurking about, I’m sure. Till then…


Welcome to the server! :relaxed:


Hii welcome! I’m wondering how come you are trying to pick a certain path?


Welcome @Venefica

Where are you from?

So what, exactly, do you practice? And roughly how long have you practiced?

Do you have experience in any specific systems or traditions?

Ty much!

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I’m not, per se, just would like to stick with a path long enuff to become very skilled in it before moving along. Jack of all trades Master of none is fine and all, but, I’m getting a little long in the tooth and I guess nesting instincts are kicking in.

Maybe then the middle path is for you :black_heart::black_heart: that’s the one that combines light with dark so to say and brings a more eclectic view on things. It’s a very balanced journey.


I’m from beautiful, downtown, sunny New Jersey. I’ve been practicing in some way or another my whole life. Since I was knee high to a grasshopper. Momma Dukes tried to wiccanize us, and pops mom tried the whole catholosim thing, didn’t really take to well to those so I branched out to look into everything from Judeo mysticism to hoodoo.
I think my most pressing problem is my mind is very analytical. I have a master’s of science in mechanical engineering, but I’ve been in the life for way to long and have seen too much to not believe. A sorceress engineer (for lack of a better term) is about as oxymoronic as you can get.

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That is a very wise deduction. But I don’t do too much light tho. Not trying to be melodramatic or anything, but, light makes my skin crawl. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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None said you have to do light or dark magick. I was talking about concepts and how the middle path is netrual to both dark and light. Both are human constructs and both are needed for life to exist. In essence light and dark represent chaos and order. The middle path represents a bit of both but doesn’t necessarily focuses on light or dark. Is about your own way of doing things by combining the two extremes so to call them hence achiving equilibrium.


Sunglasses. Sunglasses work.


And, Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. Made up Hallmark holiday or day to celebrate Aphrodite or Eros, it can be a lot of fun.

:raising_hand_man:t2: Mechanical engineer here!

Also welcome to the forum. Looking forward to reading your posts.


My daughter calls me Ma Dukes :laughing:. I still don’t know why.


I don’t know why either, lol. Ole momma dukes left this earthly plane way back in '88, I never called her that untill fairly recently…the past decade, decade and a half. No idea why, but I think she would have liked it. She was a professional roller derby jammer in the 60s.

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Do the left and right sides of your brain quarrel as well? Ie: drawing a circle. The right side of my brain will look at a drawn circle and say, that’s beautiful, perfect, while the left side wants to measure the degrees to the thousandths place.

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Welcome to the forum.

I dig the username.

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Ty much! It’s the name I chose during my devotion to the goddess Lilith.

Let’s be friends! I’m a lefty too!!!

Can I ask what hand you use when giving energy to something/someone? I’m always curious whether lefties use their hands like right-handed practitioners or in ‘reverse’?


Lefty. My left is the transmitter most of the time. Sometimes the tides change for Idk what reason but most of it, right revives when left left transmits in my case.