Hello friends!

Hi everyone,

I am very new here…so let’s see what I can tell you about myself. I am Jess, female, 30 and I live in Australia! So gday from down Under friends! I am currently seeking help with a medium curse for a very mean person for did my family wrong for many months. So I came here looking for experts. So any help would be great and deeply appreciated.

So that’s me in a nutshell, I am boring.

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Welcome :blush:

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Thankyou very much

Welcome to the forum. Do you have experience with magick at all?


Welcome :blush:

What type of help as there are many ways you can go about this issue?

Do you have any other areas of interest?

Everyone here is so nice! Umm as for your question - Aurelia, I am very excited experienced in certain catholics beliefs but sadly have not completely researched Magick but I hope to change that soon, well if I’m smart enough anyway…

Well to be honest he had hurt my mother very badly for many months and I am somewhat… unhappy…with the known situation but I’ve always believed and was curious in the supernatural. I was doing research and was hoping for new knowledge from experts about medium curse spells. E.g. for them for move away, lack of money but will recovered eventfully. Anything to make him leave without major unpredictable I guess. I have other interests in general supernatural so ghosts and general standard catholic beliefs - sorry I am not that interesting sadly…

Hey guys im jamia and well there nothing much to say besides that im honored to be here today as a newbie and telling as well as reading on different experiences of the supernatural and that im super excited to hear more .

@Jamia_Chatman1, please, start your own thread to introduce yourself to the members of the forum.