Hello fellow BALG members!

I see the forum is still filled with quite curious members. Those who keep asking, without, well, doing.

Fear not! most (if not all) of your questions will be answered by the great senior members of the community.

Now, to get to the real topic of why I came to this particular subforum:

I see members basically spitting out information they don’t thoroughly research or even test themselves.

I for one, still to this day, take the challenge of saying mantras 5000 times everyday. I’ve gotten to the point where it’s fully automatic and I say it in my mind. I could be saying it over 10,000 times without even noticing daily.

You know what comes to fruition? Genuine experience and growth. Just like the works in Initiation Into Hermetics. You can’t fully grow past each stage unless you do the practices. Here I am. still on step 3 because I’m still trying to grasp concepts that I’m unaware of.

Above all, I’ve come here to give you hope. I want you to follow a specific path and keep on it.

Read up E.A’s books and such. Listen to his podcasts on Youtube and read his newsletter. You’re all here because you want to become living gods, so stop researching; start doing!

That is all.

  • Omnipresent

asking same question 5000 times may give you 5000 different answers and them all to be true.

Asking question you already know the answer over and over again can lead you to amazing level of growing medium ability.To be virgin in knowlage can give you the knowlage.

What is the point of knowledge if you do not put that knowledge to work.

Knowledge doesn’t become practical until you execute.

  • Omni