Hello everyone! :)

Hey everyone I’ve just signed up even though I found this website over a week or so ago, I found myself coming and finding the topics and discussions really interesting.
I’m still trying to figure out and learn magic as it’s personally new to me going in depth with it in different ways although I feel it’s been around me for a while due to older family members and dreams I have. So I’m just trying to explore that side of myself and see what I can do.
I hope to share my experiences so far and in the future and connect with you guys on here.

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Welcome to the forum!
Is there any particular path or diety or part/aspect of magic that you are drawn to?

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It’s funny because just before I found this site I grew such a random interest for greek mythology and started to learn of different goddesses and gods and dietys which I never knew or paid attention too in the past. Anything to do with love and attraction I like.

I do like candle magic too I use candles a lot for meditation aswel. I’m taking interest in working with different spirits. So I’m still trying to figure out what’s good for me

Greetings! You will find this an interesting place to loiter in.

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Thank you

Hi. Welcome to the forum.