Hello Everyone!

Hi everyone. I hope everyone is okay, just signed up not too long ago and my interests are mainly in Satanism/Luciferianism and Demons. I recently also had my first astral projection experience a couple days ago before joining this forum. I hope to make friends and to talk and share ideas and experiences.


Welcome. Please tell us more about your experience inmagick.

What do you practice and how long have you practiced it?

Hello, well I have slowly progressed in Satanism, doing rituals and sigil magick. I have being in it for about 9 years now. Even though it’s a slow progress I have experienced many things and I’m still trying to figure what’s the best ideal experience for hereafter especially since I might pass away in six months.

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Hi. And welcome to the forum.

Welcome to balg

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Thanks, and thanks for the info. I see, ultimately what I have to overcome in my personal path is doubt. Before when I was younger I was much more stronger magickally. But it seems now that I’m getting back to that point again. But I still yet haven’t totally gotten rid of doubt.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

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Welcome @Goathammer :blush:

:slight_smile: Thank you.