Hello Everyone!

Nice to be on the forum! My name is Cristina. I’m here to learn all I can as a very novice magician. I believe that everyone has special powers and abilities but very few take the time to either believe or tap into what gifts our spirit guides have given all of us. I’d like to gain as much knowledge as I can from anyone here on the forum and I’m open to any and all suggestions on how to bring more power into my spells.


Welcome :blush:

Welcome, you may take a “break into components” approach: correspondences, so choose the right day of the week, calculate the magickal day (from sunrise till sunset) and magickal night (the opposite) and pick the right planetary hours. Similarly, use the colors and incenses in accordance to the planet or element related to your goal: Mercury for health and communication, Venus for love etc.
Place: prepare a room, find a spot outdoors or create an astral temple. Raise and direct energy through breathing, visualization, incantation. For example you may imagine that while inhaling you’re receiving the energy of the place where you are, and you may start to visualize a red triangle, a yellow circle… Afterwards it’s possible to visualize the end result of a spell, or a Spirit you possibly wish to contact.

Thank you! I will definitely try all of these! I’ve started setting up an alter in my house and I’m super excited about that. I’m into Moon Rituals and preformed one with my friends on the last Super Moon.

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