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Long time stalker, first time poster.I am a male, 28y old. As you can see some bad things happened to me in the past few months (or years lol) so I’m trying everything to repair the situation but nothing seems to work. I was always in a some way different and into paranormal, hypnosis, meditation, astral projection. I had this great power inside me that was capable of changing everything and manifesting my wishes. But now I hit rock bottom.

Anyway, my current biggest problem is specific person that I pushed away and there is no way of getting her back. I tried LOA, spells, tarot, evoking Amon and finally last night evoking Dantalion to help me change her thoughts and feelings about me that I caused with my acts and words. She don’t wanna hear anything about me and cut all contact. Emotions are not a problem it’s her mind.

So on my last evocation. My astral senses are very bad lately because of my emotional state. I was trying to speak with Dantalion and anything that I was able to sense was a big fear inside me. Since then I am meditating continuously but can’t sense nothing when trying to speak with him. Can someone here who is in contact with him help me so I can know if he is willing to work with me. Not just on this specific person but in other aspects of life (I’m very inteligent and professional artist - architect) so I’m feeling naturaly drawn to Duke Dantalion…

Thank you so much, looking forward to expand my spiritual knowledge here.



Greetings Vlada, welcome to the community. I’m sure someone here can help you with your problem.

Hi there, and welcome aboard👋🏾 I’ve connected with Dantalion on many occasions. He’s a sweet and gentle spirit, but from my experience with working with him, he is very bold and blunt when it comes to your shortcomings and what you’ve done wrong in the relationship. You can ask him to help you with love, but he’ll also tell you what you need to do in order to make this love last. He won’t just say here you go, here’s your lover…no, he’ll break down what you are doing wrong, how it’s affecting the relationship, tell you what’s going on with your lover and then work to bring them to you. it’s a trying and on-going process for me but I’m learning so much and I’m sure you will too.

Just keep trying to connect with Dantalion, he appreciates when you speak from the heart and give him your raw and honest feelings. Be ready to accept your faults and how you can over come them. I’m sure everything will work out for you.

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…I also meant to add, if you feel drawn to him, He’s probably trying to connect with you and is open to you talking to him. Keep trying, you’ll connect.

Thank you so much for your kind words. Yes I know that I fucked up and how. My feelings toward this person are very pure and filled with regrets and pain. But I’m afraid that she is moved on and that I can’t do anything to bring her back. Only if I can reverse time but that is impossible. But I wouldn’t do all of this if I don’t think that she is worthy. I was her first boyfriend and I had many girls before her but never never experience feelings this pure.
What can I do to connect with Duke? I’m keeping his sigil below my pillow and meditating with headphones every night before sleeping, but it’s just like I’m hitting the wall. He is not coming into my dreams or giving me any sign… I’m afraid that I can’t open my astral senses to feel him :frowning:

But no matter what … I’m still believing in love <3

That’s not true at all…anything is possible in the world of magick. Don’t limit yourself. You can bring her back and them some…search around the forum, plenty of people brought their lovers back. Don’t give up!!!

Thank you, your words are giving me hope. I will keep trying with Dantalion. A couple weeks ago I’ve done Amon sigil over pic and chanted his enn a few nights in a row, then I gave up. After that things between her and me just got worse.
“I don’t love you, disappear from my life, we will never be again together, I’m ashamed of you, you are my mistake.” Her words just cut my heart and left it bleeding. So that is the reason for me to trying with Dantlaion. Because there are emotions just negative one :frowning:
How to look for signs from him? I know it’s different for everyone but now I’m not sensing or feeling any…


What kind of magick do you pracrice?

How long have you practiced?

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Actually I’m not a magician, I’m new to this and only desperation led me here. But I had multiple experiences in my life that can count under “paranormal”. Like manifesting anything I desire, astral projections, dreams that came through etc. I’m an architect and very open minded so for many years I’m into this things but never tried out. This is the first time because I don’t know what else to do.


So an hour ago I had a tarot reading online via discord app and psychic said that there is no chance of reconciliation and that my ex moved on. That had huge impact on my self esteem, hopes and ego.

Should I pursue this with evoking Duke Dantalion? I’m afraid that I can’t open my senses and can’t know is he willing to help me. That is why I posted this. If anyone is willing to help me to get in touch with Duke? Thanks

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I struggle with there being no way simple because so many of came to this path to do the impossible. I think I would take the reading, review the situation then plot a course of action. She may have moved on but that doesn’t mean she is not still hurting, longing, wanting something else. Often we move on / rebound just to help with the hurt.

I’m tired, I was out too late and drank to much but the point I’m trying to make, is that perhaps you need to work on others aspects aside from the changing mind/ love stuff in conjunction to see true success.

No, no she don’t have anyone else. There is no third party involved :slight_smile: I know that. And I know there won’t be anytime soon.

Yes, first of all I must get back my self esteem, I’m working on that. Of course I wouldn’t give up on her like I’m not giving up on anything else ever in my life. But for now I think that working with Dantalion is the best for my self growth and for reconciliation with her. Is it ok just to meditate before sleep and trying to contact him with the sigil under the pillow? I usually listen his enn on youtube with headphones.

Hello. This is my thought about break ups and getting the person back, the first thing you always call is Grand Duke Dantalion. Marquis Amon told me that. He wont be able to reconcile relationships and have her come back to you if your target is still having thoughts of you hurting her/him. From a firsthand experience, Grand Duke Dantalion works really fast, in just a span of days after contacting him he showed me some positive progress (3 signs, in fact). My petition generally was to turn her negative emotions towards me into something positive (I don’t want to emphasize on my detailed request). Its much better if you have a request not that vague and is detailed so you could see the progress fast. What I mean is make your request more realistic, like instead of getting a 1 million dollars within a week, have him help you get 100 dollars within a week.

You can contact them just by saying their names. Doesn’t mean you don’t feel them that they don’t hear you. What I do before I sleep is I talk to them and ask them to appear in my dreams. Once awake, record the dream in my journal so I wont forgot it and interpret it later on.

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Thank you for your answer, it’s very helpful :slight_smile:
Do you wrote on paper what are you asking from him or just tell him in your mind when evoking?

You said you received a tarot reading and they told you that you couldn’t get her back? Tarot readings tell you a story. They have a beginning and middle before they come to a conclusion. Did you just get a 3 card reading or something like the Celtic cross. 3 card readings do not give alot of detailed information; however, if you received a larger reading, you should have been given some information on what is blocking you from being with her. Nothing is set in stone. We can change the outcome of those readings. Take what information you received and use it to overcome it’s conclusion.

It was just online reading via discord app, three cards. I’ve become opssesive on reddit asking for tarot readings :confused: And everytime is different :joy: Tonight I will be alone in apartment and gonna try to evoke Dantalion again… For start I can ask him to make her unblock me. That could be realistic request.

Ok. today I made my request on piece of paper while meditate on sigil, and signed with a blood from my finger. After that I burned that paper and put ashes in soil of a plant, with tea as offering. Again I felt nothing. Let time decide, I have faith in Duke Dantalion that thing will work out, step by step. I will continue to meditate to his enn every night before sleep.