Hello everyone!

Hello Everyone! My Name is Joanna, Jo for short. I am pretty new to demon summing and the dark arts. I turned to this forum in hopes of finding a few answers to my problem. I was recently cheated on by a man I stayed loyal to for 7 years; and he has taken everything away from me and given it to her even my own roof that was over my head. there is nothing I want more than see them terrible break up and her to be living a dumed life for the damage she has causes


Welcome to the forum!
Feelings are fickle, don’t get too attached to what’s there. Asmodeus does wonders in breakups. Along learning your craft don’t forget that self-care is the key to the spirit.

Don’t thrash yourself left, right, centre until you’re strong enough to support yourself or else you might lost some leverage. To do magick out of sheer emotion isn’t uncommon, but could use steering. Self care first, breakup second! :slight_smile:

Meditate and eat whole, fresh foods. The first brain is the gut!


Hi and welcome to the forum.


do you work with asmodeus? maybe you could if help me if you can! PM me:)

I do not work with Asmodeus at this current time. But I alwats felt a specific connection with him firstly in the Goetia. I feel as if him and I have similar characteristics physically and mentally. But that’s another story. However, feel free to send a PM or use the search bar for results.

oh no that sounds horrible i am sorry for your loss
i would definitely cause them to break up very bad
then curse them their whole life
and claim back your house :slight_smile:

That exactly what I want to do, but I am going to need some to help me! Thinking of maybe hiring a worker to help; do you know anyone good? Private message me :slight_smile:

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Do you do a little work on the side? Private message me I can’t figure how to PM yet I’m still pretty new haha

I know how you feel. Rest assured that all you desire will come to be

yes It is! I private messaged you hopefully we can work together on this; if you would like

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