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Hello there, I go by Konsciencia which is Spanish for Consciousness. I’ve been on my Spiritual path for at least 15 years now. However, between last year, and now, I began to have Out of Body Experiences, but they were very few of them, and they were not intentional. I’ve couldn’t have done it without The Universe help. You see, I surrender to The Universe in order to achieve this. However, it’s been a while now, since I had an OBE. But, I know that it is coming my way. I never practice Magick, but I Love my Brothers and Sisters of the Craft. Whether, they do Black or White Magick. To me, there is no white or black Magick, it is how one uses it. I do a lot of Visualization meditation, and Energy Work. It’s quite wonderful, and I have a deep profound Connection with The Universe. I dropped the Names, and Labels, because The Divine Source, or Divine Consciousness really has no gender and no Specific names according to my experiences. But, we all have our own uniqueness of interacting with The Universe, or Divine Consciousness. But, I’m sorry for babbling. Thank you all for letting me share.

And Lucifer is my main Heroes at Heart.


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Hi @Konsciencia, welcome to the forum. :wave:t5: Nice to have you here.

Thank you guys!

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If you would like to achieve this at will I can recommend a couple books and authors that will help you in this.

Robert Bruce: Astral dynamics, mastering astral projection. He also does online courses if you google.

Robert monroe: journeys out of the body, far journeys and ultimate journeys. You can find Monroe courses on this subject as well if you google.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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Oh, thank you @Nephenthe but I already have Robert Bruce’s work, and I also have Robert Monroe’s books as well. However, I’m working on my own on this. I rather go with my own intuition and learn more through it than looking at someone else’s work. Although, I must say that Robert Bruce helped me a lot on The Energy Work. It was fantastic when I did it. But, thanks again. How about you, did you have OBEs?

Thank you @crookedpathfinder! Much Love to you!

Welcome to the forum :relaxed:

Thank you @Undying.Embers

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