Hello... Can you hear me?

Hi everyone, My name is Pyromyria and I am from the US. I am not really sure what to put here.
I was brought up as an open (what I mean by this is that many of the traditions and thoughts were not necessarily established/ enforced. I had never been inside of a confessional box. And my folks were pretty open-minded) Catholic. There were only a few times where I felt connected with the Christ energy, but it never really stuck. During Middle School, I got introduced to the idea that there were other thoughts of belief. First by diving into Astrology and then a friend of mine claimed to be a witch. It shook me a little bit because I didn’t really know what that meant. A month or so later I had the opportunity to buy my first ‘Witchy book’ The Idiot’s Guide to Wicca… I think or it was Wicca and Witchcraft… or something along those lines. That changed my mind set.
Since then I have traversed quite a bit. From a Druidic Wiccan-ish practice, I looked into Ancient Grecian Traditions/ Roman Traditions and practiced for about a year. I came across some material and thought into Santeria/ Hoodoo/ Voodoo ( I am a fan of hiding things in plain sight). I was introduced to the thoughts and whispers of Chaos by the YouTuber, Kelly-Ann Maddox. It was only maybe a year and a half ago that I thought to dip my toe into the water, as I had come across the qlippoth. After some study, and some research, I thought it would be fun to make a giant loop and go from the point of the Malkuth, enter into the qlippoth, serpentine my way down to the bottom, wind my way back up enter into Malkuth again and take the "opposite’ pathworking with the Kabbalah and return a third time back at ground zero. I have not completed this, and this is a goal I am working through.
I enjoy studying religion as I believed it is all in one way or another tied together.
I also enjoy the study of symbology as I feel it helps to support and strengthen my divination abilities.

I work with a variety of God/esses and pantheons. I tend to be drawn to the Death Goddesses such as Persephone, Hecate, Kali-Ma, Lilith to name some. I have a tendency to also work in the Grecian Pantheon more than any other. I have some knowledge of Egyptian Pantheons/ practices and some Sumerian. I also have a tiny bit of time in Norse practices and Mayan/ Aztec. I have few or no experiences working with any Asian pantheons, but welcome them.
For over ten years I have worked with Soul-Eaters.

I have studied reiki, which led to me becoming a Massage Therapist, which I absolutely love… which led me to studying and becoming an Herbalist. These last two years I have fallen in love and awe at how perfectly our bodies are made and that we have developed tools to help us heal better. My goal for the far off distant future is to help bridge the gap in Western and Eastern medicine. Both are soo important. Western Medicine, despite some of its flaws, is amazing. And some of the pharmaceuticals are just better than plants. Some people’s chemistry works better with the chemistry of that medicine. Just as some people thrive with plant medicine.

Sorry … I got away from myself for a minute!

I am hoping to run across a guide/teacher who is able to point me in a good direction of working with the matrix. I have been told recently that I have some ability to work with it but I would like more information/ resources to help me understand how to best navigate.

I am also interested in growing my social circle, plain and simple


Welcome to the BALG Forum!
If you have any questions, please use the search function before posting, as this place has been pummeled by repetition since its inception years ago. I will guarantee that many questions most people have will probably be found in a post made already.

Now this is not to discourage you to post, but the search function is your friend for questions.


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Welcome Brother! Great to see new members so open minded☆☆☆☆