Hello brothers & sisters!


I’m Hailie Quinn and I’m happy to be finally here…out of the broom closet :slight_smile: I’m from Germany and I would call myself a Chaos Witch.

However, mostly I work with the angels of the tree of life but also with a few other spirits that are not angelic by nature.

I read Tarot, coach Law of Attraction :stuck_out_tongue:

I help people overcome their health issues with Reiki (Level 2 Attunement) and Quantum Healing.

Maybe you already noticed - for me Magick is in everything is Magick.

I’m sure that there is nothing we can do or achieve with the help of our own consciousness, spirits & mother nature herself.

Kind regards, H


Welcome to the forum :wave:t4:

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Thank you :slight_smile:

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Welcome @HailieQuinn

How long have you practiced?

Do you have experience in any specific systems or traditions of magick?

I practice about 5 years now. I tried a lot at the beginning but as said I mostly work with the Angels of the Tree of Life and the different energies of the Sephirot, but I see them more as planetary energies. I honestly must say I would not call me a kabbalistic witch. Before that I practiced folk magick.
Let’s say a bit of everything but not a pro in any system :slight_smile:
I practice what feels right and works for me.
Hope that answers your question.

Cheers, H