Hello Brothers and Sisters of the Path

Hey brother, love your vids :slight_smile:


Thank you my friend.I take my time . Each one is a Labor of love .


I know, it shows.

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Welcome brother :fire::metal:

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Well thank you my friend :wink:

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Yes, unless Timothy lets me know you’re outside the rules that is the case, soz - seriously, intros have done wonders to deter all kinds of bad behaviour on here, and if we start letting them slip, then it opens us up to problems, at the very least accusations of favouritism etc, and it’s shocking how quick some people online will be to exploit any loophole and start arguing for their own exceptional case! :laughing:

Also, I don’t psychically spy on the lads to see who their mates are, so we ask everyone to please follow these rules:

Can you please give those of us who haven’t heard of you or whatever some idea what your background is? :slight_smile:

It’s always of use to beginners to hear how long-term practitioners got started, what they found along the way etc., how they developed their stuff over time. :+1:


So that’s where I recognize you from lol. Welcome brother :slight_smile:


Well thank you

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I edit it up a little bit

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You’re very welcome sir.

Cool, what got you started on this stuff? :slight_smile:

Magick, demons, etc., I mean.

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I’ve never heard of you @Joesph, so please tell us about yourself and your experience in magick.

How long have you practiced?

What systems or methods have you explored before Luciferianism?


Have you seen anything on YouTube by the name of Behemoth-X? That would (from what I can tell) this gentleman. He’s popular on there.

Popularity aside I would wage close to or over a decade.

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Cool. :smiley:

You can link your YouTube etc in your forum profile @Joesph, https://forum.becomealivinggod.com/u/joesph ? Preferences (along the top menu) > Profile (side menu).

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His stuff is awesome and he’s part of the BALG family.


ha ha you just beat me to it

No. I do not go to YouTube for occult videos. I find most to be questionable. I’ve only seen a few of EA’s, mainly those linked on the forum.

Sending me to YouTube therefore tells me nothing.

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Sorry you don’t like it or it doesn’t live up to your expectations?

In all cases, if he answers you, cool.

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So what brings you here tonight?