Hello balg forum

Hello I’m new to magick but not that new I started out with damon brand and not im working on energy work, vamparism and among other things. There’s not really much to say about me.

I’m going to be making another post when its done.

What area do you come from?

Do you have specific interests?

Do you have any experience outside of magic, such as the Occult or the Paranormal?

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Hello, @The_World, welcome.

How long have you been practicing? Have you performed the rituals from the Damon Brand books? How did they turn out for you?

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ah sorry I live in new Orleans la out side of magick i like to garden. I have had a lot of sucess with the books and some recent sucess with pettition spells


Nice, I’ve heard good things from his work. I will have to take a look more into them. Well, there are plenty of threads here that hold many different aspects to magic if you use the search function. And if you cannot find one, feel free to post a question as a separate thread. You will find many knowledgeable and kind people here. Welcome again to the forum :slight_smile: