Hello and good morning 🌞

I’m new here but not new to Magick. I’m looking to expand my skills and experiences while also meeting new people. I like to see and learn different aspects and viewpoints from different people and traditions. I’m not comfortable sharing my picture at this point maybe in the near future :blush: also looking for an amazing tarot reader. sometimes reading yourself can be daunting.


Welcome to the forum!

aww thank you :blush:

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ik your looking for an amazing tarot reader, but I was wondering what your thoughts on how to start reading are.

you have to bond with your cards and know the meanings of every card. the cards will start giving you feelings of intuition. the more you use them the stronger the feelings.

Thats very interesting, also something I have never heard. Thank you!

Welcome to the forum @MissStorm! I’m sure you’ll find this a very friendly community of witches and tarot readers.

I have a feeling that I will end up making a few good friends here.


Welcome to the forum! We’re happy to have you!

Welcome to the BALG forum