Hello all

Hello! I am new to the LHP philosophies and teachings, but i am a long time practitioner of the occult in its various forms. I look forward to becoming my best self. Advice is appreciated! Knowledge is always a gift. I’m so glad i found this forum. Happy to be here!

Welcome. Please tell us about yourself and your experience in magick. Saying you are a “long time practitioner of the occult in its various forms” tells us nothing.

How old are you?

What do you practice?

How long have you practiced?

What systems and methods do you have experience in?

I think I’m responding to this correctly.
My name is Ashleigh. I’m 25. I was raised spiritualist/pagan for all of my life. I have always had a predisposition towards the more untraditional forms of spirituality and occultism with the understanding that there is also a skeptical science aspect towards it all. I have known, for what i would say was about several years, that i was meant to go towards the LHP (more luciferian than anything) walk of life. I had more to go to until i reached that point. Finally i am here and well equipped enough to join a forum. I have experienced a variety of experiences. Many personal, some in public through the means of mediumship and its varying forms. I have a passion for both science and the paranormal, and it is my life’s goal to blend the two in a matter of scientific understanding as much as possible, even if that’s only for my benefit. Thank you for asking for more detail. I wasn’t sure if anyone would at first so i kept it short.

So, if I’m understanding you correctly, you don’t practice any particular system of magick?

I forgot my practice part. I have tried several forms of magick. Most i must say were fairly mainstream. The bulk of what i do now is though my new studies and the knowledge i gain from meditation

I’m sorry, i forgot to mention that in my last part. I got a little carried away with the other aspect of it. I’m not so use to forums and talking online. It may take a minute to adjust. My apologies for any inconvenience.

You still have not given me any real idea of what your experience is in magick. Your responses are vague without actually saying what types of magick you have experience in.

Well if we’re putting it bluntly i have experienced
Spirit communication
Prophetic dreaming
I have experienced my wills and desires come to life through ritual. (Manifestation)
I have gained information though empathetic means when people “think loudly” if you know what that means.
I have worked with remote viewing as well as physical mediumship, which if you don’t know can run in the same category from time to time.
I have gone through ritual. Some from books, some self made.
If there is still something vague please elaborate with an example. As i said before i am new to forums and honestly talking to people about the left hand path in general. I’m the only one studying this that i know personally and as far as social norms and what’s looked for in conversation go I’m fairly green to it.

Are you by change just trying to see if I’d be judgmental of those who heavily practice magick?

I have no judgement here. I’ve seen enough to know better. I have invoked and evoked. I know what can happen

Well, i couldn’t send this private so here go.

No, we just like to try and get a baseline of what someone’s been doing so we can be helpful, not give them info or resources they’ve already mastered etc., things like that tend to be offputting and even feel insulting.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy the forum and chance to hear from a range of different viewpoints. :smiley:

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Thank you :grin:

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Welcome to the forum :slight_smile: Looking forward to chatting.

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