Hello all!

Im new here and you can call me GrindMobs. Well my goal is to see the unseen and the unknown

Welcome to the forum. How long have you been practising? Any currents in particular ?

well i have read some forum from creepyhollow and try it still i dont think i have any noteworthy achievement…

You should receive a pm with some links to threads that will help you get started. I recommend you give those a read, it’ll put you in a good position to start working towards your goal

ed done reading some and ima try the three sun medi tonight

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It’s been a while since I’ve read the intro stuff, but the joy of Satan website also contains some pretty good starting meditations ( basic energy control and entering a meditative state )

in your opinion which one is the easiest of the basic? Ill try the easiest 1st then try to go up later

I’ll have a look and get back to you

okay thanks for your help

Had a glance through, and alot of it seems to start with the assumption you’ve a general knowledge about chakras/ energy focal points and a general grasp controlling energy.
Some of the news letters cover these topics, but I personally prefer the way JoS presents it. I recommend you head over to the JoS mediations section and read up on chakras, the energetic body ( they might call it something like the astral body or aura ). You should then do some of the basic energy work meditations and you should then be in a better position to make full use of the materials balg provides.
There’s also a nice mediation for entering a meditative state, where you picture yourself getting lower and lower on a ladder.
The layout of the site makes it a bitch to navigate at times, but have a dig around
Also worth noting that there’s the forum and a sperate mediations site. It’s the mediations site you’re looking for

ic ty will going to checkit

it seem the site they give is removed :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

joyofsatan and the josministry

wellilltry 3sun method 1st