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  • Hello hello. I’ve been stalking the forum posts and I’ve finally decided to join guys lol. My name is Libby, and I live in the US. Im looking to study more about candle magic, manifestation, and the dark arts. I find that I more so need help with visualization and meditation. Im still in the learning process so im not sure i can be of much help to anyone but im sure that’ll change since im sure ill find alot of like-minded individuals.

Welcome friend!

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Thank you :blush:

Welcome @Dlibby

What do you practice, and how long have you been practicing it?

What areas of magick are you most interested in?

Welcome to the forum.

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I began practicing last year. It started off as very vivid, bright dreams and in the morning I’d wake up and write down what had happened. And following the steps that initially didn’t make much sense. But it started my curiosity in the metaphysical and occult. I started out with ritualistic magic, and hoodoo, but gradually found myself more aligned with the left hand path and its teachings. Im most interested in alchemy, evocation, and transmutation. But for now the most I’ve done is invoke.

Thank you, I’m happy to be apart of it.

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Welcome! :green_heart:

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Welcome :innocent:

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Thank you :heart:

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Welcome to the forum if your interested I can share a great website for meditations might help our visualization skills just having a game plan for meditateing.

So sorry to be a pest but a few rules to know are you can I ly do scans in public eye not in pm u til 90 days of activity also can’t give tarot for 90 days.

If you quote a book give the source of the book and use the search function up above for all your random questions chances are it’s been answered 3 times before.

Id love to hear about these dreams you speak of that you renact them for magical purposes. Myself I’ve been having alot of dreams where I’m trying to connect with the vibration o various things or bettering myself but can’t remeber much o them just the theme.

Thank you for the rules, I’ll keep them in mind, I also saw that its prohibited talk about sellers here, but thats ok. Im on CH too… Some of the dreams are just obscure, like a constant and still shape for the entirety of the dream. I havent been having any as of late but when I do they are so strange. I do my best to try and interpret them using the colors I might see, or the sequences of the events that occur. The few I have that are clear, I use them as framework for the spells I might do or the topic I might research.

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Hmm sounds interesting I found I had more interesting dreams as soon as I started a dream journel but I wake so often in the middle of night I ended up stopping it, like after 5 days or o with a dream journel I ha a lucid moment in my dream, but sounds like your recording yours and more.

Your welcome about the rules just figured I’d share it’s better to know ahead of time then look dumb tryinbto give out tarot reading getti like 5 people Ina minute that wan a reading then get told your not allowed to lol. I tried reading the rules page it’s long so I just shared the simplest that I mostly see things being a thing.

Last night I had the thing where I was tryin to vibe with random topics and then all of a sudden there was three people 2 I didn’t look at the women was wearing like a super skinny one piece silver where I could bearly tell she was wearing it from the side and all o a sudden I hear drink it. I woke then unfortunately always at the good parts lol.

So did you want me to share the website that I found that has like so so many different meditations?

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O yea a cool tip for when starting to go Lucid that since I discovered I I lwayd forget It is to say but my bodies right here! should be standing next to your sleeping body afterwaRds the one time I did it in dream I worked for me.

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Please do! And thank you. I was using the satan and suns meditations for the most part. The guided meditations I was doing before would come close but couldn’t get me into the Lucid dreaming/Astral projection state I wanted.

When our o to preferences right next to where it says preferences it will on the right have pull down option part and you go to profile instead o account and ou can do the background pic like I have and more.

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Got it. Im still getting used to this site. How do you PM?