Hellhound encounter

hello all im new here.im from Australia .iv beeen searching the net for a few days .for some understanding in what happened .ive grown up seeing ghosts,spirits shadow people since the age of 5 , seen things move and know when a presence is about and acknowledge them !
this 1 was the first for me and 1 id never thought id encounter or be in a presence of such a creature and unsure what to make of it …
it was in the hrs between 12 am and 3 am I had fallen asleep on the loungeroom couch the wod fire was left burning I tend to be a light sleeper …and decided to let my partner get as much sleep as he could as he gets up …at 4 am for work…thats normally when im getting to sleep
I woke up from lieing on my side and locked on strait away to a black dog right in front of me its head level with mine the flames from the wood fire flickering along the muscles …it wasn’t hasy…or of shadow …it was a solid form as clear as anything ive seen before …I didn’t move but I gazed at it slowly look at it …thinking somehow a dog broke into the house …it was a well built dog and large the fire outlined his face I could see its ears moving…i was panicked a bit…but stayed …calm…as much as I could…i closed my eyes… i began to have a feeling…of what it was…and what it wanted oppend them again…it was still there …at that point my heart…was thumping out my chest I could hear it beating as if it was in my head… I jumped up put the lamp on…and he was gone the room was freezing cold for the past few wks ive seen more shadows…and things moving
second night …I told my mum she lives 15 minutes from my place…she believes me of course but couldn’t tell my partner…and didn’t want to let on to the children…that I was concerned…
second night…weirdly enough on net flix…a new listing came up about the blues musician hell hounds on my trail…at that point I was like…woah…this is getting odd I had gone to bed…and I could hear it pacing my hall way and trotting around the bed a few times…my partner didn’t hear…it it had heavy paws …I remained calm …but later got outa bed stayed up…from this arfternoon onwards…the house is cold even tho the fires going…at some points its icy cold ive got goosebumps…
I have a feeling I know why it may be here and im not sure…what im able to post…on the web page so I shall see how I go…as I tried reaching out on fb wasn’t allowed ect
so trigger warning ok …
I have suicidal issues,borderline personality disorder but im getting professional help for that…my head has been in a super dark place for a long time…but defianatly over the past wk its been really ruff from what ive read…and do know little of is 2 things…if you suicide…you go to hell…and also hellhounds can push you to suicide… was he there for me…i know they are like a omen of death … but im hoping someone here has a bit more knowledge…and help me out…with my encounter…I want to know more am I mislead from what ive read
I feel myself…wanting to reach out and connect with it…
I expect it to not be my only visit

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