Hellebore as a banisher

Conflict erupted, and the household was filled with chaos. On a Hecatean journey, i found beautiful hellebores for sale at the grocery store of all places. I take them home and the house quiets - only for a little while. My ex roomie knew enough to be dangerous, and she doesnt like my other roommate. She was acting foolish and petulant, and at some point i had enough. she plans to leave, but no set date, a month, maybe two as an estimate, but i dont want to wait. so i ask, and im guided to calmly prune the leaves and harken to she who guards the thresholds and the gates while the roomies at work. Time passes, and she never returns. two days shes gone, then finally a text “i will not spend another night in the house.” and she never does.

I make a black moon water, during my preparations for the deipnon, i collect the hellebore flowers when theyre in bloom. its an intimidating thing - rather short on this plane, but i know its spirit looms with an almost draconion power as sometimes its leaves span out like wings beside the serpentine flower stalks that bow with hooded heads. i collect the flowers at dusk, and thank it. i find a vessel and fill it with lustral water and drop the flowers inside. sealed, i leave it at a crossroads in the garden paths. i let it sit during the night and snatch it up before dawn, placing it somewhere with no light. i will not let the sun touch it. overtime, the flowers dissolve when i shake it, and it pigments the water in an even solution depending on the flower color. useful for banishing and sending away, the hellbore is a force to be reckoned with - and ive had success with people and spirit, though i have not had the opportunity to use it with demons. the flowers are a welcome addition hung over thresholds.

i read on the internet a couple blurbs it can be used to exorcise demons - and summon them. what demon? i could not find any information. im curious and ill find out one way or another, but im curious how many out there have used this hecatean plant and for what purpose.

EDIT: Hellebore is a mankiller! it is recommended to wear gloves when handling - i have not had a reaction externally. Hellebore, or hellebore water should absolutely never be consumed.