Hell has returned for me

Today wile i was travelling on a bus home i got off the bus to walk home from bus stop, i saw a bag with a Demonic marijuana bud in a very old plastic bag, the plastic bag the Demonic Marijuana bud was in, which a Demonic presince came directly from, was sitting on a road, i picked in up had a look yes this is Demonic deftnetly Demonic i say out loud thank you Satan and Demons for the gift, so i went home got out pipe lighter and my inverted pentagram with Demonic binary symbols, this pot worked well with this path, so i got it out put in other room, i went out back yerd hid and have a cone of Demonic skunk Demons left for me, every thing fells a massive head rush, then head back inside, now i am smashed i am started to getting my inverted pentagram Demon star is giving me real visions of a realm of Hell, i put stuff away but i charged my inverted pentagram before i went out to smoke Demonic marijuana i did what i was told not to get stoned after inverted pentagram Demon magic before, so i did active inverted pentagram then head out for one cone came back in sat down medatating for 15 minutes on seeing Hell went in bedroom sat down facing north, as i was tracing inverted pentagram the power i experience was so incredible, also a Demonic presence, the inverted pentagram was dragging pulling finger along lines of inverted pentagram, it was so strong i felt as if i cannot stop cannot take finger away trying to keep on tavelling along lines of inverted pentagram, at a very weird speed the slowly i go, at a reasonable freakish slow motion, going slow but gliding, white paper it felt like i was actually being transportation to Hell yes i actually saw quite alot, yes Hell is very different then the Bible say, but it is very Hot, know flames, there are many Hells Demons all working for greatness, i cannot back out at all, i have been experiencing Demons around my home today, i dare not to put a foot wrong, it has been a great opportunity been chosen to go to Hell for real. Yes i am actually now at 8:09 pm hearing a Demon constantly since i used inverted pentagram in afternoon without the use of any candles sound of Demon is getting more pronounced like a windy heavy vibration sound just keeps on getting closer and closer comming free great distance not stopping.


if hell is hot then it isnt a good place to be.

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Not really there are actually Demons there, yes heat keeps on getting hotter and hotter, when tork about going to Hell its forever, the place was shown to me through my inverted pentagram, there are plenty of types of Demons never been mentioned and named goetic Demons exists on another plane of Hell but the planes of Hell i experience was only a inverted pentagram with binary symbols showed me while stoned, i don’t know why when every time i use inverted pentagram straight not on pot the special effects are not there, but when i was waked, i can tap into Black magic through the inverted pentagram alot better, i don’t know why, it freakish stoned. Satan exists there for millions of years.


Cool vision :slight_smile:
I do not understand why you say things like wouldn’t dare step out of line or something about being afraid of Satan if you didn’t do something.
No Daemon, Angel or Deity will have an issue with Freewill, we are not their slaves.


I never ever used the work slavery, not Satanist, Warlock they are all free, about how hot, when i go to Hell they won’t alow me to go to hot i be starting at a temperature of 600 degrees C, so i don’t burn at all the inverted pentagram will sustain me at those temperatures, apparently they have got compatitions in Hell i be able to enter in Hell it sounds like fun, there are Demons go in compatitions to see how hot they can go some got up to a temperature of 600,000 degrees C some of the things i could be involved in when i go to Hell, Hell got alot of portals within Hell itself, some portals of Hell goes to other planes of Hell some Hotter than other there is a Demon portal guardians patrol those reagens of Hell, its like a massive temple like building in Hell with Hallways with portals down the Hallways like walking in you homeon Earth we have doors to enter into bedrooms in Hell there like that instead of entering a bedroom im entering a portal into other places of Hell, there is also ice worlds of Hell those Hells are quite cools also there are different Hell portal to there each portals there also enter different ice worlds of Hell different temperatures below zero some go as cold as zero kelvin in each portals of Hell there are different veriaties of Demons all doing there own thing without slavery.

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No but you do refer to being afraid of what Satan will do if you don’t comply with something. This is not the first post where you make that comment.

I’m not sure what the rest of this has to do with my comment so I will only say, you are no Daemon’s slave nor should there be fear of punishment.
It is true common sense and caution should be maintained until you have a trusting relationship. It just sounds like you fear this Daemon while holding him in high regard.
You are your one true master, nothing else is above that. Don’t let anyone take that from you.

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Fire and flames are a life source as the sun, We can’t live without the sun it’s probably a place for development of the sorcery and soul, Just like the candle everyone are praying trough this flame which is in my opinion passion, the other hand we have communism of god and heaven which providing free miracles and all light and laziness and you can’t develop like this you need to go trough that flame to develop your soul, You only learn from the negative not the positive… Have you felt trapped ? Is this really a place of torture of the soul because of one mistake ? This fear and slavery system is the worse created by man kind if hell is that bad why are Christians and all religions using this so cold flame for their prays ?

Also i have seen what Satans throne looks like in Hell and yes Satan has got a throne in Hell and no one is alot to sit in his throne that would be disrespectful Demon Lords also got there own thrones as well, as for how you talking about fear, in Hell they teaches how to overcome fear, then i see the only place to fear is Heaven, Satan has got such sights to show me, i use inverted pentagram Black magic, it is different kind of black magic different from grimoires, that you say a bunch of words, where inverted pentagram black magic is where the sorcerer sits on a chair back straight inverted pentagram on paper drawn perfectly in pitch black ink neat and tidy resting middle finger on symbol dialing anti clockwise 3 cycles then move to next symbol resting middle finger on symbol then dialing, what i mean by dialing is remember the old telephone where you put your finger it a hole it looks like a clear round disc with 10 holes over each nember on the old style telephone where we use to pick up the telephone reciever and then dialing someones telephone nember, it is the same type of thing when i give Hell a call with the inverted pentagram, i would work out best size i would draw two rings in black ink outer ring 10" 250mm inside ring 200mm evenly, so five symbols 72 degrees apart, then i get a ruler to get dead center of inner ring, put a dot dead center of inner ring then i get a circle drawer with 360 degree the ones with numbers around, i put center 360 degree circle drawer over dot, get pencil put a dot on 72, 144, 216, 288 and 360 which is zero , then take away 360 degree circle drawer then get a stainless steel ruler messure from center dot to next dot out put a mark on inside ring lightly not heavy then do the next until see 5 lightly marks on inner ring i find i mark 5 very short 3mm long line from inside inner ring, because that in where i draw the inverted pentagram 5 pointed star with a ruler messure from mark to mark, then get a rubber and rub out the pencil dots, then between the two rings outer and inner rings put 5 symbols around one at each point, in black ink bull point pen i find its better, so the five symbols is where i dialing keeping finger resting on symbol dialing 3 cycles without stopping when dialing must what finger, and without touching outer and inner rings keeping center as possible going in a circular motion then stopping on 3rd cycle, then take finger off symbol go to next symbol anti clockwise place finger resting on next symbol start dialing keeping finger resting on paper don’t lift off, until finish 3 whole cycles, do same for 5 symbols, when finish dialing 3 cycles 5 symbols place middle finger on point at inner ring trace whole inverted pentagram 3 cycles without lifting finger must watch finger, keeping dead straight like travelling along a convayer belt without comming off lines, then stop after 3 whole cycles of inverted pentagram, take finger off point, then place middle finger straight away on next point on point anti clockwise next point down from top point the trace lines of inverted pentagram 3 cycles, must do the same for each point, 1st point 3 cycles of inverted pentagram next 2nd point 3 cycles of inverted pentagram 3 rd point 3 cycles of inverted pentagram 4th point 3 cycles of inverted pentagram 5 point 3 cycles of inverted pentagram, then go outside, smoke some cones of high quality pot, reasons why a demon comes straight from Hell to do something to it, cannot be there when that happens so go out have a cone or to only the good stuff, i found cones is like alchemical key, in inverted pentagram black magic, after finish having cones go back in put pot away wash hands until dry go back in sit down put inverted pentagram with 5 symbols place on lap sitting relaxed star should be opened put middle finger on top left point trace 3 cycles of inner ring slowly it should be automatic like travelling on a convayer automatic for 3 cycles when doing that gazing center of inverted pentagram then do a short paws at top left point then without lifting finger off paper start tracing outside inverted pentagram in and out motion without stopping while gazing in the center of pentagram, keep on going do as many cycles of inverted pentagram without crossing any lines, then when you have finished, to shut it down take finger off then put finger on top left point trace inverted pentagram clockwise 1 cycles while watch finger take finger off point then put finger on top left symbol dial 1 cycle clockwise, then it is closed.
When i use mine i sit in a chair with light out i also turn on a lamp in another room so the reflection of the light from the lamp puts enough light on the subject while it is also enough darkness must still see what i am doing. All is welcomed.


You’re awesome who ever you’re absolutely brilliant work, Keep us update man.

@Bowling270 interesting method of communication. So after you “dial” in the inverted pentagram, how does the actual call to Hell work? Do you talk out loud and then hear their responses in your mind? Are you able to see them at all? Can you choose a specific Demon to call?

I want to find out tonight if i can contact Hell Satan and his Demons through my inverted pentagram second time today tonight i did it work while i was stoned and yes it actually did while i was tracing the outside of my inverted pentagram counter clockwise, right arm was being driven by my power of my inverted pentagram like some demon possesing me in a very good way really feeling great, also while seeing imagrys of Hell, Demon worlds through my Black star inverted pentagram, also starting to sense sounds of claps of thunder comming from the great depths of the inverted like can also can have the power to human transportation to the depths of Hell if done right, minds being going there getting auto halucinations of Hell Satan Demons since done black star tonight im a inverted pentagram Sorcerer for since i was 17 years old were i dumped the Catholic faith, and turn to Satan through the black pentagram it worked for me to well very over kill shows me to well pictures of Hell Demon worlds you never dreamed of some worlds are hot that expected depending which Hell i go to under guidance by a Demon of Hell so vast very loud thunder storms in Hell increadibly loud, whole place is full of Demons keeping to free will i love the Demon magics i see in Hell within Demon worlds through Hell, im going to become a black pentagram Deciple of Hell in my afterlife i eventually will reach throne of Hell i be like master of Hell be like the most high of Hell Hells fire will never touch me, inverted pentagram sustaining me in Hell.

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I use my mind while i am stoned from weed, it aids me in get in contact to the depths of Hell, its the power of my inverted pentagram with 5 Demonic binary symbols arrayed around inverted pentagram at each point without symbol touching inverted pentagram exept first top left point or don’t have to touch very potent and increadible potential, one of the most pures black Demon form of the Highest form of black magic ever, the power of that place in another realm called Hell i have travelled great depths of Hell well layed out, im going to become a resident of Hell i will have my own mansion in Hell sit outside in Hell on a throne watching the spectacular thunder storms no rain with black lighting while hearing ear piercing sounds of very loud thunder claps and being visited my my Demon Deciple brothers in Hell making shaw of everyone and Demons to keep to free will and be rewards of Hell.

Some times night in bed now and then sometimes at night my inverted pentagram starts to communicate between my inverted pentagram and Hell it summoned me a Demon from a Demon world of Hell agreeing with my inverted pentagram and my inverted pentagram while i was dreaming when my mind throught something about my inverted pentagram while i was asleep my pentagram summoned a Demon only on certain nights sometimes when the Demon of Hell is comming the of the most freak-out shit i ever ever heard completely off tap be it had never threaded me ever sometimes it can the types of Demons my Black star lets say Demons are on a different kinds of speices never seen before never been mentioned in any goetia, i been serving the inverted over 30 years i never quite, i try reading goetia i read out the grimoires nothing not saying it doesnt do anything hear nothing, but i construct a perfectly and geometricaly drawn inverted pentagram with 5 different kinds of symbol arrayed around inverted pentagram i am good to go also where i am stoned i am well connected with Hells great fullness and all Hells gradure and glory all of Hells splendor the dope connected me to Hell, but if i don’t have a cone of pot, my inverted pentagram operation at compassaty same strength but i dont get the same the inverted looks like it is not working it is at full strength not stoned think inverted pentagram is not working but it is the inverted pentagram has to follow its own sets of rules it self, when i waked on pot my inverted pentagram calls out to me letting me know how in awe Hells demon worlds is.

Also Demons cannot stand theivery in Hell everyone has free will in Hell still from another warlock in Hell get sent to the Demons to do jobs with them i don’t do that i have my own black robs only clothing aloud in Hell unless a vampire in Hell in demon form with lizard carataristics likely ness dazzling to look at never look at them in the eye address with looking at them in the eye.

Since Hell has returned since my last communication to Hell inverted pentagram automaticly dropped out thinking that Hell didn’t care i was wong, Hell the inverted pentagram was completely been along all the time all those decades now latterly i am getting collossal imaginary of Hell Satan Demons, i wondering if stoned and manage to go high enough i will cause a massive claps of thunder coming from the pentagram everyone in Adelaide will hear the claps of thunder coming from my inverted pentagram also everyone will see sheet lighting in the skys of Adelaide emmanating power of the parth i travelled a still travelling called Deciple of the Black pentagram, traveler between earth and Hell.


Anyone on this forum wants to get to black pentagram Hells Deciple ship the most high black magic in Hell construct a black start, end up travelling to Hell with me then become and get to high black lord of the inverted pentagram then assend so high in Hell equal to like that of Satan become a Demon. Also there are none human Demons pure Hell bred.

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