Helios Greek Sun God, Now calling out to me

I have no clue (yet) why all of these sun based gods keeps calling out to me thru visions and other psychic means of communication. I hate the sun, everyone that knows me calls me a vampire because I never go outside unless it’s shady, cloudy, or rainy. I love the dark, the moon, the rain, storm clouds, so not sure why I am being contacted by sun gods and day demons.

I have not done a lot of research on him just yet, I do know that he is portrayed as riding 2 beautiful white steeds with chariot, and the name Helios is Greek in origin. He is also known as Sol in Roman culture. Other than that I am not sure what his specialties are, the only info I have found on him so far under the name Helios, is just his description and basic things. I think I will try to see what his name is in other cultures and see if one of those names id in a demon database anywhere, because those always have more info on what the god can do, and his associations.

I will contact him soon, maybe even tonight but in the mean time, does anyone here have any helpful information they can share with me on Helios/Sol?

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Could that be precisely why something inside you (or external to you) is nudging you outside your comfort zone to explore your opposite polarity? Just from reading your posts you do seem quite polarized in the lunar aspect and quite comfortable with your dark side, certainly more than the average person and perhaps even more than the average magician who utilizes the dark arts, which in a way is admirable because most people fear their dark sides and try to repress it thus suppress a vital part of who they are. Maybe something is urging you as part of your path and growth as a magician to go against the grain of what comes natural to you and push yourself past the boundaries you prefer not to cross into brighter shades of the spectrum just to incorporate a more holistic balance inside you. Many here started out light and progressed into the dark. Correct me if I’m wrong but I get the sense you’ve been dark from day one. Exploring the solar may just be the extra ingredient you need to bump up higher. Maybe something is trying to tell you that. Just like how the military forces people in training to do things they don’t want to do or are uncomfortable doing in order to make them better soldiers. Doesn’t mean you’re going to become some fluffy Glenda the good witch or anything. Just my thoughts on what may be possibly be occurring so take it with a grain of salt.

In terms of the Planetary Deities, Sol is the sphere of Authority. It is a force of Government (Like royalty or the divine right of Kings/Queens) while Jupiter is an aspect of a different form of Government (Like the divine rule of the Church or Spiritual Hierarchy). Both are divine in nature although Sol is geared more towards worldly rule in a sense.

Sol would be the P.O.T.U.S while Jupiter the Pope.

Sol deals with a lot of “Death Rebirth Death” and can teach you how to focus on the Eternal Aspects of yourself and can help you cut out all the stuff in your life that is not you but you identify with. That gives you a lot of good insight into what you choose to keep and let into your life from a Solar Perspective.

Also Sol can aid with Wealth.

There was a cult of the Eternal and Unconquered Sun in Rome. Sol held the title of “Sol Invictus” then.

The emergence of Solar Deities in your life may suggest that you may need to work with that sphere and are drawing these spirits into your life in order to get their help.

Thank you Iam and Orismen. Actually what you two said makes a lot of sense to me. I have pretty much always been dark. I mean, I have had several years of experience with RHP and wicca as well but it just never felt as comfortable as LHP. Engaging in some lighter aspects of myself and working with sun deities may do me some good. Occasionally I do things that are SO not like me just to have a change, see things from other perspectives, so I could do this too.

And Orismen, your explanation really helped!

And I may be dark in several ways, magickally, the way I dress, the decor in my home, wearing steampunk and emo jewelry, the works, but I am not evil towards others. I volunteer at the local food pantry on occasion, donate clothing to charity and dog/cat food to the animal shelter, etc. So I am very dark but I do have a very giving side as well.

Yo , His secret name is AKHEBUKROM (from the PGM) you should totally check out his invocation in that text

Stephen Flowers’ book Hermetic Magic has many workings from the PGM rendered in nice understandable format, but translated from the origininal - there’s a decent-sized preview on Google Books, I don’t have my copy handy but I think thet preview may include the Table Of Contents.

Excellant Orismen…you know the power of the sun.

RavensAscent, earlier this year I did a simple solar exercise which should appeal to you and that’s the ‘Black Sun’.

The Black Sun could become almost life changing for some people as it can make you question many aspects of your life and start that process of culling to bring in new ideas and eliminate the old chaff. Be prepared for changes with this powerful side of the solar deity.

It could cause you to go on a deep internal journey where you will have to analyse so much of your accumulated knowledge and decide what to do with this. The Black Sun could start you trying to find answers to life that have haunted you for decades or it could motivate you in other ways. Either which way, simply work with it and let it shine its nocturnal glow on whatever it decides to highlight.

The practice of the Black Sun is very simple and very powerful when done properly. You either sit in a chair or lie down in bed facing in the direction of North. Now turning towards your left, look towards the West and see a black sun rising. It is at night remember so it will be dark and this sun is black. Look at it and visualise it as deeply as you can and try to see and feel what it gives off, how does it look and what does it make you feel like.

As you get into this meditation, gradually see it rising into its zenith above you or more towards the north, don’t rush this very simple exercise as you are imagining a natural occurrence of life actually happening in reverse. Once you have witnessed this dark solar orb rising up to its zenith then go to sleep.

In the morning when you awake, see the black sun again in its zenith from the night before and with the feelings already described, visualise it gradually setting in the direction of East. Perform this again the following evening and morning and keep doing this until you start to produce a result, which will either be based on what’s already been said or something different. It shouldn’t take longer than a week to invoke a response from this beautiful ritual.

                 [img width=450 height=223]http://thesunsetsblack.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/BlackSunEclipse.jpg[/img]
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Savadonger, I have been doing that black sun exercise for the last 4 months or so. The first time, it took me about 3 days to feel the life changing results but I will say my very first time, during the first 3 nights I could not have stayed up even if I wanted to after that exercise because it made me really sleepy and my body was sore for the first few days as well, felt like I was worn out, like I had done a bunch of exercise or something!

Something Note worthy: I could also feel a pain in every area of my body where my chakras are located. Not a pain like oh god this hurts, but more like an uncomfortable pressure as if that exercise had opened chakras that had not been opened in years or like it was purging those chakras of un-needed energy and filling them with new more refreshed energy. And when I was new to that exercise of course I would not be able to handle that new energy so it overwhelmed me and left me feeling groggy and a bit sore but when I got used to doing that exercise that went away and I felt this new supercharged energy rise from within myself.

I was drawn to it for the same reason you suggested it to me, because I was like ooooh, a BLACK sun! How gothic and intriguing! I hope others will see your post and try it out. I have recommended it to many others here in private messages because that exercise may seem so simple and I’m sure many are thinking what could visualizing a black sun possibly do for me? But if you do it and stick with it, you’ll be surprised at how open and powerful you suddenly feel.

I swear that exercise does something with your chakras too but it definitely opens you up to a whole new level of understanding for magick, the universe, how things operate. When a demon or deity tells you something you woud have normally been confused by, it’s like you suddenly have the ability to analyze it right then and there and instantly grasp what it means. All of my senses were heightened as well. I’m sure others have had some different experiences but maybe that’s what E.A. was referring to when he said some will not be able to do the exercise for more than 3 or 4 days because it will be intolerable. Maybe he was referring to the uncomfortable pressures I felt and the tiredness and sore muscles? But I pushed past all that and did it for about 13 days in a row before giving it a rest for a while. I was actually just starting back on that exercise again so it’s funny you mentioned this when you did.

But while many people are dead set on saying “Anything in magick that seems too simple to actually work, will never work!” I disagree with that and I hold the opposite view. It seems like anything that is viewed as overly simplified, seems to produce uncanningly powerful results, sometimes even more powerful results than the lengthy and complicated rituals we do. So I believe, you should never disregard a meditation or spell because it seems too simple. Give it a try with your best intentions and you’ll be surprised at how powerful some of them really can be.

I totally agree, some of the best things in life are simple and that exercise has an enigma attached to it that I can’t explain. I will try it again myself when I get the urge to do it but it is mysterious in a funny way.

I’ve got a feeling it may have been giving you a spiritual cleansing and that’s why it went through the energy centres. If that was the case, you may have suffered astral sickness as the dark energy would have pulled all the debris out of you. I had this myself before a particular initiation and days later, I was over the moon buzzing as if I had 10,000 volts of lightning in me. You feel like shit for a couple of days then it’s like you’ve been reborn or something and you can hear the angels singing.

It does open you up as you say because I think it’s getting you to try and understand another side to the knowledge you probably already have, which may have been obscured from you. It seems to have this introverted power about it that drags you into looking at the other side of the issue, or the hidden aspects if you like.

It made me ponder over what I should get rid of and what I should keep. It certainly got me busy for a few days afterwards

It got me that motivated, I even cleaned out the friggin shed lol?

“I never clean out the shed!?”

Solar spirits are great. I wouldnt ignore your intuition even if it seems unusual. Explore the spirit of the sun. You might want to avoid Sorath if you are looking for the beneficient aspects of Sol (those listed above) and not the wrathful earth-baking, crop killing, heat-stroke side of that sphere associated with the demon of the sun.

Also, I read that you have been practicing the Black Sun meditation (I have nothing but good things to say about it) but I have heard that it actually relates more to Saturn and the Qliphottic sphere of Thagirion (Shell of the solar Tiphereth.) and you would probably want to forgoe it briefly for a Solar Invocation proper, maybe the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram. But I would research that to see if it suits your style.

Like Orismen and others noted above the sun relates to authority, stature, undefiled knowledge of source, wealth, and power.


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Ah yes, thank you for jogging my memory! I immediately referred back to my messages when I saw this image. It had not ocurred to me that there was a connection with that and this post. Now I am very curious to find out what needs to be done on my end.

Savodonger, what you described as astral sickness, I have felt that on more than one occasion. Usually when I am attempting something new that requires me to expand my astral senses or something that requires me to step it up a level and do something I was not advanced enough to do before, and was doing it for the first time. I knew it was not a physical illness, I could sense that it had something to do with my magick and ascension.

Yes…you’re right, it’s to do with learning more and going from one stage to another new one.

It seems to upset the energy body sometimes and I don’t know why? It’s similar to doing more intensive exercise than before, this will affect our physical bodies and our minds try to hold us back a-little, almost like a type of survival mechanism ‘kicking in’ to try and stop us from making the change if you know what I mean?

I know through years of study into psychology, how the mind will try and stop us making new changes, especially if it involves going beyond our normal comfort zones. It is just trying to protect us from potential harm…maybe this is the same with the energy body?

I honestly don’t know for sure but it tends to crop up frequently around initiations, which once again is a similar situation.

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I think the reason Solar Energy pops up during initiation is due to the “Death/Rebirth” aspect of initiation, where the old us dies and a new (and initiated) us rises.