Hekate's Sacred Fire (devotional journal)

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If you just pay attention to what people say, it tells you alot about what is really going on. If your doing and are happy and you know it. You aren’t having to say it… if all is well you aren’t gonna have to say it. It just is. And that will reflect out to others without having to say it.

Just my thoughts of the day.

Note to self : never order from party city!

Lesson learned and now I get to go buy more party supplies so an autistic 5 year old can still have a party on Sunday.

Hiding behind a woman’s skirt. So manly.

Taking some long over due steps to heal myself.

  1. I have a therapist now that I meet with once a week, plus text through out the week.

Also have some group therapies lined up.

  1. I have a dietician to help me plan meals that will help with my blood sugar levels and controlling my diabetes.

  2. joined the gym. And have a trainer.

  3. I’m having some fun spending more time with friends and family! I have a wonderful spring and summer lined up.


It’s going to be a great year for me!

:v: :heart: :moneybag:

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My Bike

I’m thinking of doing a custom paint job

I’m not impressed, you go on ignore.

This beautiful baby right here

My Sword of Light, Lucius. :fire:


The Sword of Death …my latest baby


Now I have two swords, one for each of ya.


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May’s full moon just happens to be a super full blood moon. With a lunar eclipse.

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It’s like your just looking at pictures of dead men.