Hekate ❤ vampire and lycanthrope

Hey there guys, i am very interested on working with the lycanthropy aspect of Hekate too. Till now i did vampire magic. Hekate is so powerful, her vampire aspect is totally amazing.

I wonder if is that okay to assimilate both natures? I am very fond of nature, love animals. I have a dog and I would love to have in our family hellhounds too and enjoy spending time together.

As said i did energy work as a vampire and I wonder if working on getting lycanthrope attributes would be ok?

Did anyone of you guys receive a hellhound familiar, gift of your bound with Hekate?


From experience, different parts of lycanthrope and vamp attributes act as magnets. Sometimes you’ll try to work on one and it will instantly connect with what you have, where as one just barely different will cause EVERYTHING to go to shit. If you already work with Hekate just ask her for guidance on what will mesh with what you have, the source is always the best resource you can tap