Hekate Experience/Initiation

Shortly afterwards she made me look into the mirror head on with my nose nearly touching it. She made me begin to conceptualise myself and myself reached into the depths of the reflection that I saw the entire self right before my eyes. It kept bouncing back out forth. She made me do this to actualise who I am and that fear isn’t to be stored within this body I’m in. I felt really comfortable with who I was during the process, also somewhat powerful.

I stepped back focused on the reflection and did certain unfamiliar stretches/breathing techniques resembling tai chi. My body felt
like it was morphing with an acute energy that everything became distorted in a blurry way. After my final breath and stretch, I thanked her for the experience.

Her feeling is very comfortable and warm, for some reason it feels similar to coke and a ciggie craving for some particularly pleasant reason…


Still buzzing :smile:

Found this:


:heart: Hekate :heart: is awesome :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Glad it was helpful.

Thanks for sharing your experience.

Very powerful energy, very pleasant feeling and a caring nature. As you say also Guiding and protective.

Doing a search also found this

Theres 2 books on the ixaxaar website if your interested. Have purchased both to have a read.
The Hekataeon
Hekate the crossroads: Dark Goddess


That hymn you shared is for work with the Atlantean Trident of Witchcraft of the primal craft. It is recommended everyone working this hymn have worked through the first three books in succession, as mysteries and energies of the scorpion god and the spider queen are incredibly life altering especially without the encorcelling of the soul through infusion of the queen of hell’s energy.


Welcome @Set_Amun_Ra. Please make an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience you have in magick. It is a rule of this forum.

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I was aware at the time that it was intended for primal craft. That’s what drew me towards it. And of course Hecate.

Reading the words of V.K.
“My magickal hymns may be used for any intention selected by the celebrant. They can be integrated into any ritual to call on the deities named to empower the rite or empower oneself. My magickal hymns can be recited without any added ritual for a specified intent as miniature self-empowerment exercises– one of the advantages of reciting some of my hymns in times when a full ritual cannot be performed is that these hymns will strengthen your energetic resonance with its deities, making it easier to call forth, perceive, and communicate with said deities.”

So I decided to use it to initiate into her current by asking her.
That was 8 months ago. Your right, it has life been life altering and serves a purpose.

I’m told its fine and was meant to be that way.

What I take from your post is a message to get a hold of those books and work through them. Asking Hecate I get the same message.

Thanks for your input and concern.
I do understand how it could possibly mess some people up in hindsite. Always ask those who guide you.

Would you happen to be Set Amun Ra of the Infernal Current?

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Yes I am he. My only reason for saying anything is because of what it takes to call upon Sepheranz most specifically. A level of purity. I know parts of the chants are inspired by workings of the Scorpion God. Both Mark and VK place emphasis on a precautionary approach to some of this material and we know as practitioners mental illness and death arnt far from us as we sift through the subconscious mind. You are obviously fine but there exists many who would not be.

Working through the queen of hell provides a deep devotion and connection with Hekate so much so that you are pulled into her current and encompassed by her energy Her energetic signature would be infused with yours making your encounters with new energies and entities alike much safe and more digestible. But for the best results the systems should be work through in their designated order and timely fashion.

I left my message out of love.

With all that being said if you have direct commune with Hekate herself you know better than anyone to trust your intuition and her guidance. I encourage you work through the books should you feel called to it. They are so beautiful.



Hey @Shauna159 I saw this topic and remembered me of you. Maybe something here can be helpful.

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How is everyone seeing and Im not? I tried it. Just saw abit of a shift of energy in the room, like when concentrating deeply on a sigil.
Later I did sense abit of a darkness in my periferal… and thats basically it.
Tbh, (I know this is random but) once I saw the stuff my ex did through gnosis ect I feel so small in my magical workings and dont know how, but want to make a breakthrough. I still feel like his magic is messing with me, yet he broke up with me. I dont know what to do.


Heya eve! I’ve had a similar experience at times with a few people in my life and it sucked. What worked for me was just working on my own magic and my own skills; and with time my own experiences grew. After a long time, how others were/worked didn’t bother me much at all!! Practice makes perfect :joy::joy:


Hekate is super powerful, that’s for certain!! Great to hear your experience! I’ve never had anything that visceral! Amazing :slight_smile::blush: I’ve just recently made some contact with her too. I’d asked in my morning ritual for some kind of sign because I was sitting on the fence. That day the lights at the cross section all went out as I was walking back from work :joy::joy: people are polite in cars when there’s no lights :joy: but that was sign enough for me :joy: I’m thinking of Mark Alan Smith’s work, but still not sure about that yet either. I wanted to get through the Qliphothic sphere initiations first. I’ve found what I’ve used of VKs work to be really powerful and have always had results using them.


Thank you


Just a bit of a heads up for everyone. The reason I did this was unknown at the time, I just followed my intuition. I felt a strong pull towards it and just went with the flow.
I sat down and asked the purpose of all this with Hecate.

There is a connection with the primal craft pathworking. Which I’m recommended to do. Considering I made a personelised sigil of the trident not long after this. And a overwelming desire to get a hold of the Queen of Hell book. Along with a few other experiences that have recently occurred.

I have had my mind stretched a number of times to what feels like breaking point. Im not saying this to cause fear. Please listen to your intuition. Use a pendalum to get yes or no answers if your intuition isnt developed. Ask if it’s meant for you.

If your a beginner I’ll share other ways to connect with Hecate. After doing a bit of research and seeking guidence.
I do agree and see the potential of harm for those who are not meant for this particular path.

Hecate is a Goddess of many paths and many faces. Let her decide which one for you to walk.

Ask questions
Is this path right for me?
Is there another path that would better suit me?
Do I need to be initiated?
Should I initiate?
Can you initiate me?

Again if you can’t hear or see entitys yet.
Use a pendalum for yes or no answers.
Trust your intuition.
If it feels wrong, don’t do it.
If your scared work on removing fear.

The most important thing is to create a solid foundation. Work on yourself.

Visualisation every day.
Spirit communication everyday.
Trust in those you work with.
You put the effort in and so will they.

A simple method I have used is picture Hecates wheel in your mind and travel through it.

Feel the shift.
Know that your in her domain and presence.
I see a forest and walk through it and she is there.
Sometimes I end up in other places.
Go there everyday to work on yourself, she will help and guide.
Be respectful.

She may guide you to other entitys to work with, acknowledge that, it’s for your best interest.


@Eve1 Practice visualising in your mind first.
When you get the inner work done the outer manifestations will appear In time.
What i saw was in a trance state.

If you feel small compared to your ex make yourself bigger.
Close your eyes.
Expand your awareness
Beyond the earth
Beyond the planet’s
Beyond all universes
As far out as you can go.
Until you feel big enough.
Until you become the universe.
Feel it, know it, Breath it.

Look with your imagination.
Do you see magick effecting you?
Your the Goddess of creation.
Dissolve it, shift it, change it, remove it.

When you open your eyes
Remember that feeling of power.
You can change whatever you want to change.

Using this method with repition to change your reality.
Will also help with visualisation.
After a while you won’t have to visualise, it will just be there.


Yeah I agree! I don’t think Hekate or queen of hell should be taken lightly. There are some great resources! I’m reading Hekate: liminal rites at the moment, it gives some really great a thorough links to her throughout history including mythology and worship, I’d say it’s a really great place to start for anyone wanting to know more. The mark Alan Smith works seem to be super cosmic :joy: And he says over and over again in his writing and interviews that ‘there’s no going back’ once you’ve initiated through Queen of hell. So yeah, definitely something to think about deeply before doing :joy::+1: having a grounded practice and skillset is probably a good idea too :joy: I’ve had my brain bent sideways too, and it’s not a fun time and can be fucked to untangle yourself from (I found that anyway :joy:)



There’s also “keeping her keys”
There’s a Facebook page and on YouTube.
Think she has a blog on patheos as well, the links are on her Facebook page.

Haven’t read “Liminal Rites”
Thanks for adding to the list.

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Dont be discouraged by not “seeing” things. I feel things heavily - i only recently started to see, and for me, she manifests overhead among the stars - Ourania, and very much heavenly queen. Yet shes been in my life for years, even before i officially devoted myself to her, and even then, she called me to work with the plants first veneficium and that was how i grounded. After studying the plants of Hekates garden, as well as sacred and magic plants in general across cultures, growing them, engaging with them, harvesting, using in magic work, then i was set on the path to start more heavy spirit work, and thats where im at now, and the vision of her in the stars came. Its like she gave me a curriculum tailored to what i could handle, step by step - call, and see what comes up - books, areas of magic study, spirits, dreams, etc. Just because you dont see something immediately does not equate to her connection with you as a person, as a being of spirit, she may be wanting to ease you into it.


Eee i love that blog!

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Liminal rites is on my reading list! Im not sure how to get a copy of Queen of Hell at the moment. its definitely not in my budget.