Hekate and Marzanna

I feel as though I have frequently been receiving enigmatic dreams from Mother Hekate. I made the connection recently when studying her, and realized that she was giving me messages through symbolism. Furthermore, upon beginning working with her and praying to her for assistance/guidance, my petitions were being answered (these petitions were essentially magickal workings). She has since given me many tools, such as a sigil, through dreams and intuitions.

A few nights ago, upon more enigmatic dreams concerning symbols related to her, I woke up saying the word “Mara”.

Researching my dreams as I often tend to do, here is what I found about her

Marzanna (known as ** Mara** in Ukrainian), is a Slavic goddess of death, winter, harvest, the underworld and witchcraft. Some medieval Christian sources compared her to the Greek goddess Hecate.

She is the daughter of Lada and Svarog/Swaróg. She is also considered to be the sister of Lelia.

She was mentioned in Norse mythology as Mare - she appeared as a night demon. The creature that was sitting on persons chest during sleep and caused nightmarish visions and suffocating. It is obvious, that Marzanna has Indo-European roots same as the root of her name “Mora” which in English is Mare, and today we link that root with a well known word: Nightmare.

In Belarusian, Polish, Ukrainian and in some Russian dialects the word '[mara] means dream. But Vladimir Dahl says it means ‘phantom’, ‘vision’, ‘hallucination’

I believe strongly that this is another aspect/incarnation of Mother Hekate speaking to me. Eventually I would like to share the sigil she gave to me.



There’s actually a Hindu Goddess of Death called Mara as well (but Her cult isn’t as prominent in India compared to other Hindu Gods and Goddesses; and just as Marzanna’s name comes from the Slavic root-word for death and plague [mar, mor], the name Mara in Sanskrit literally means “death”).

Recently, after giving offerings of blood to Hekate, I too started to get compelled to research more about Marzanna/Mara (otherwise known as Morana/Morena where I come from [Slovakia]) and I too was drawn to make assumptions that She might be a certain aspect of Hekate, but that’s something I have yet to find out. The energy I got from Her so far is that She’s powerful, deadly as “hell”. I will definitely try start working with Her one day.


Wow. There is an essay that I would like to read, but it is written in Czech. From what I gather, it explores the correlation between Marzanna (Mara) and Hekate
My journey with Hekate has been interesting so far, even considering that I was reluctant to work with her at first. I was searching for a goddess to bond with, and she showed me that she has always been speaking to me.

It’s actually in Polish, not Czech. I hoped it would actually be in Czech, since then I could actually translate it (since as a dude from Slovakia, Czech is my second mother tongue). But I can try to read Polish as well, just not as well as Czech.

Could you elaborate a little bit about your journey with Hekate, if you don’t mind? :slight_smile:

I can try translate it to English, Polish is my native language, but i will need time for this, because i have alot work to do now.


Oh that would be great. Maybe I can find a way to compensate you for your work, although I cannot offer much. Possibly some divination/magickal work?

Of course, I would love to do so,

I would like to begin with some background. When I was of the age of three or four, I experienced a re-occurring dream at least three times. The main goal of the dream was to find and open an ornate doorway inside a temple or castle (from my memory it was a castle made of pale stone covered in bright green foliage). Upon reaching the doorway an opening it, the dream ended and I have never returned to this dream that I can recall.

For many years I have been dreaming of travel, especially through forests or roads, as well as doorways, in which upon passing through these doorways I enter a space where I feel the presence of deceased loved ones and even have conversations with them (more recently my late grandmother with whom I was very close).
Upon praying to her in small rituals or casting sigils while seeking her aid, I would find answers as to what I was seeking. Usually may magickal workings are not to seek material gain, rather something symbolic or intangible

These enigmas puzzled me for many years until I began reading about and studying the goddess Hekate. Along with being a goddess of magic and doorways, she is also a goddess of the crossroads, protection, travel, and associated with the forests or groves of trees. I realized that she was speaking to me all of these years in my dreams, protecting me and my loved ones, keeping us safe and guiding me. All of the times I have called for her aid she has helped and given me direction, as well as providing me with imagery and symbolism to answer my questions or lead me in the right path.

In addition to this, soon after seriously beginning to walk the pagan path, I felt a deep connection to Hermes, being drawn to his imagery and his history (as The Thrice Great, Thoth, and Mercury,) as well as what he represents. He is known to be Hekate’s consort, being a messenger and guide for the souls of the dead.

Waking up reciting the word “Mara”, several times further solidifies my connection with her. If it is ok with you I would like to share the sigil I feel I received from her through a private message.


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Totally almost unrelated but there’s a goddess named Mara in a video game called skyrim even tho she is said to b a goddess of love not death this has me thinking if the myths are true

Like how ppl say demons are bad but really aren’t u know

Good and evil is an aspect of the dualistic nature of our “physical” reality. In a sense, the beings not bound by the laws/rule of our reality are not bound by the dualism of the realm in which we live. Good and evil is a context of human nature. Satan is an advocate for free will, yet so is El (the god of creation in Genesis and the Ugaritic texts)
Demons are evil only according to perception, and can be helpful if one is respectful of their energy.

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I see do since even tho I’ve been told that my entire life n manage to stay neutral. They are only evil to those who see them as such?

I would love to see it! (Of course on if She wants you to share it).

Also, I am not sure if you know about this, but in the Ancient Greece there was a being composed of Hermes and Hekate conjoined called “Hermekate”.

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I’ll do it for free. But I will need a lot of time, this is lot of text, and i have works on studies :slight_smile:

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I strongly believe that good and evil is a context/perception. For I honor Mother Hekate. Many would see that as “evil” or “blasphemous”. I feel in my heart that she is good and blesses my endeavors and honors the energy I devote to her.
There are instances that several would consider evil, such as murder or rape. But, psychology and neurology show that criminal activity or erratic behavior comes from disorders, chemical imbalance, and other poor or negative circumstances. Culture and environment also play an enormous role in shaping behavior.
Spirits and entities not of this realm are not bound by our conceptions of good and evil, nor the labels we place upon them.
I would say that beings that are considered “evil” are highly intelligent, and thrive on our energy.
Remember, even Yahweh required blood sacrifices for the atonment of sin, and many would consider slaying innocent animals in the name of a god to be evil.


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I would be extremely grateful

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Just started the translation, I can translate all, or you can also tell me what kind of informations you are interested, I’ll try to find it and translate.

Any reference to Marzanna and Hekate would be helpful, even if it is just one to go off of.