I want to learn the spirit heckate. Any advice.all I can find so far is Wicca info such isn’t bad but I’ve been working with lilith for a while a feel the same energy… Help if you have any experience.

Hekate sometimes people like to try and force a connection between her and Lilith but they’re their own people but I find this site tends to be nice when wanting to look into Greek Deities, Primordials, Titans, and Olympians, and seeing as Hekate is a Titan Goddess.

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Daemonic drems, com has a book on her, etc, also try amazon kindle, dianas moon. Great ebook.

I LOVE Greek stuff. Thanks for this link!


Another resource is http://hekatecovenant.com

Plenty of YouTube stuff that isn’t Wiccan, but I don’t have it in front of me. I don’t know how useful it would be, as we tend to see the side of her we need to see.

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