Hecate ~ the introduction

welcome back

take a seat

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Thank you :smiley:

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Thank you, I’ll be over here,

On my throne :blossom: :wink:



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This is where I’ll be in Sept. …


So you have now two accounts? @Empress_Arianna & @eye_of_ra
But what about this? ↓

Taken from:



My other account is locked and Eva already knows I have this account…

I’m not breaking any rules because the other is locked and I there for cannot use both accounts at once.

If you checked my likes on my orignal post you will see that Eva liked it. And is well aware of my account.

My other account was locked by own choosing not from any forum rule breaking.

If you go to the eye_of_ra profile page you will see that as well.


It’s cool, thanks, I closed the other one already. :+1:


Oh, sorry :heart:

I didn’t know that is possible open another account when the previous one has been closed.

As long as you get with Eva first. Thats the best way to go about it.


Gene Simmons …
“If your going to mt. Olympus be a god, your looking at 4 gods” :fire:
That rocks :metal:

At the 4:24

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I :heart: you.

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Aww… I :heart: U 2!

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I think this might be why I was never allowed to see Kiss :joy:

I was just wondering earlier why the colors I saw changed to silver. Now I know.

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I keep seeing a small pink pouch with herbs in it.
Maybe lavendar and lilac and something else.

Since the forum decided on its own I should have a black and red rose… I never made that my avatar. I figured I’d draw one for the forum.

So I did this at work :joy: instead of work. Shhh…

All I had was two markers and an ink pen though … So …
Cant finish the stem and leaves til I find some green. But any way


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Feel my heat taking you higher, burn with me heaven’s on fire.