Hecate showed me Fire in my chest

Honey and grapes were in my bag. I was looking for a place to leave offerings. Passing by a stump in a deep dark part of the park I heard dogs howl nearby. I turned around, looked at dogs and then back to a stump. “It seems… here” I thought.

I returned home, took a shower and sat in a chair. I felt “It’s time” moment and got paralyzed. I saw Hecate in front of me with black long hair and dark dress. She said my name. I was utter scared. Then I found myself in a dark space with fire in my chest. It burns me from inside, pain feels so badly that I go crazy. Then I woke up.

I felt pain in my chest for a long time but I didn’t realize it was fire. Some energies that not belongs to me. I thank her for showing me the reason why I feel myself like “not myself”. But I still don’t know how did it get into me. I’ll be glad to hear your advices


I had dealings with hekate and your experience doesn’t seem like a positive one. Then again, when I knew her and was with her, (sort of) she was hard to follow and she demanded things that at times wasn’t aware of because she doesn’t really communicate, so therefore it is hard to know what is up. So a couple of years later and ended my relation with her, and thanked that spirit for the things I lived with her. But when you mentioned pain the chest, a spirit when it lodges itself on you, they choose the chest. I still wonder why to this day. So how do you feel now? I would like to know. Maybe we can mutually understand something over this.

The experience I described happened 2 weeks ago. Now I feel myself very disgusting. Thoughts get confused. If this is spirit, so how can I exorcis him?


Well, for me the way I got rid of that spirit was to force myself to admit I was wrong about a thing from the past. Often, spirits use our bruised ego to authorized themselves to have access to our energy. It is like a trick and gives them a reason to enter into us. What I did was, I called my mother and I admitted to her that in a certain situation from the past, she was right, (i held it for too long and got hurt because of this, I didn’t realized my ego manipulated me) so 5 minutes after I hang the phone, my mouth mysteriously opened by force! (there was nothing I could do about it) and a grey/black faint cloud of ghostly like shadow vapor got out of my mouth. ! I was then like de-possessed. See, years earlier, a spirit by the name of Hekate (or maybe a counterfeit spirit that took her name) lodged itself into my energy during an invocation years before.

usually, projecting light on the place where the spirit is, might send them off. Asking also for your guradian spirits for help is also a solution, but I prone that approach: we are light, we are gods, we hold the power and if you really know and believe it in your entire being, that shadow-like creature will go. repetition, light energy work, vocal affirmations, etc, all help and must be done, simply put, do all you can, calmly and on repetition until it is out of you! and feels relieved in some way better. Prayers also are good. and my story mentioned earlier can also be your case so go for it.I hope this helps. If I think of other technics, I will reply back again.


Thank you for your help

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Your welcome and if you feel you can update me, no problem, I will try my best for help.

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energeies like that can come from allover.
energies generated by you but rotted inside of you due to poor energy circulation, sort of like stale chi in feng shui.

other peoples negative thoughts(usual) or magick(rare).

random spirit that passed you by and energy exchanged with you. Energy exchanges are good for you, but in recent times I’ve found that some energy exchanges can be very rough or more trouble than worth.

Wow. I’ve always wondered about this. I always feel static electricity on my chest when a strong presence is around.

That doesn’t seem at all harmful, though. I just say hello and talk with them a bit. Sometimes it evolves to something greater, such as visions or what, but sometimes it’s doesn’t. It’s usually a nice time, though.

The thing that feels bad, though, is when I feel really screwed up in the heart area after certain callings.

Maybe this is a spirit lodging?

The last time this happened I had a huge urge to call Michael, Yohach and Kalach, and just clean clean clean. Maybe those instincts should be trusted, eh?