Hecate reveals the beauty of nature and life itself

I started working with Hecate a month ago. During this time, my craving for nature has increased significantly. I didn’t even understand what was going on, I just look at trees near my house, as if I saw something for the first time. I started visiting the park more often. I want to describe one wonderful experience on such a trip.

It was a sunny autumn day. As soon as I entered the park, the atmosphere changed dramatically. There was a feeling that I got home, where someone was waiting for me. I didn’t look at people, I was just totally fascinated by every tree and bush. One young fir tree that stood on the road, I swear, it wanted to hug me and greet me. I said hello to it. The astral senses were activated to the maximum, as if I was on a level with nature and existed in absolute unison with it. All nature lives, breathes, sings and moves in a beautiful stream. This is a intelligent and lively stream. I walked a little further from that fir tree and was so touched that tears rolled down. I stepped aside so that people wouldn’t see me and wiped my tears with a scarf. I just stood there and didn’t understand “What the fuck? Why do I cry?”. Then I felt that I was called and went to a deep part of the forest, to a very beautiful part of it. Similar to this photo:

One particular tree was calling me. I just understood it, as if it had opened its whole soul to me. I did the same for him. I touched it and abruptly withdrew my hand. I was trying to hold back the tears at that moment. Then he touched and did not let go of this tree. I leaned my head against him, as one puts one’s head on another person’s shoulder and burst into tears. This is a wise strong grandfather. There is so much power and tranquility in him. He accepted me so easily, as if my past, my complexes had no meaning for him. He just exists and accepted me as He accepts the whole creation of nature, of which I am also a part. I dissolved with the forest completely and my mind shut down. A little later it seemed to me that he wanted me to take his fallen leaf. Now I touch it at house and merge with the forest again. I moved away from him and saw a small thicket of ferns. Beautiful little spirits, like children, were frolicking in them. They danced and sang. All that mattered to them was the joy of life and existence itself. I absolutely fell in love with that forest and its inhabitants. Birds, animals, spirits, plants and trees all live in absolute harmony. That’s what I learned from them. I saw a dog sniffing something. I understood exactly what it was looking for and what it was thinking. I thought it was funny, because it’s very important to it! Now I have fallen in love with my body, with my existence and life. If you have a problem with this, Hecate will be happy to help you see the beauty of life


What beautiful experience. Congratulations!


Wow… your whole post is so extremely inspiring and beautiful. I even enjoy the love and poetry of how you wrote it. Gorgeous.

So it seems that you, like me, are also very cautious and suspicious of calling certain entities. I feel like I’m in HR when it comes to some of these things. Reading their resume, checking references, spying on their social media (lol). Researching them however possible.

Would you say Hekate is basically safe and good?

Are you able to see her and her influence on the astral all the time?

It’s really the few times i see astrally (doesn’t happen that often) when I’m like “oh shit, I shouldn’t have done that” or “oh… this IS beautiful and nourishing”

In my experience Hecate is the most understanding and fairest creature I’ve ever worked with. She’s been saving my ass so far despite my mistakes. The main thing is that you yourself realize that you made a mistake and work on correcting it. This is enough. She does not accept the lazy, but she will always push in the right direction. Be grateful and respond to help. This is a very powerful entity that obeys no one and teaches you the same. If you are asking for something serious, leave an offering - fruits, honey, alcohol, paintings, poems. She accepts offerings of very different kinds. There must be a really good reason for her to kick your ass, luckily that hasn’t happened to me, I try to do the right things. In general, she helps anyone to rise from complete shit. She calms and inspires in difficult times. I personally recommend to anyone start working with her.


I saw her in a dark and purple dress with snakes wrapped around her arms. Her hair is very long and very black. She was standing near beautiful tree.


This was during a physical walk, where you also had astral awareness?

Was that your first contact with her? Is that how you first truly met her? I mean the full awareness of and contact with her?

Full astral awareness is difficult for me. Anyway I described that experience in post “Hecate showed fire in my chest”. She helped me to be in full astral feelings and consciousness when she first met me. It happened at home when I sat on a chair and started to pass out.


That’s really wonderful. I was just talking to a friend in chat about Hekate, too. Seems like a very helpful spirit, even though considered more dark side.

As you’ve had possession issues and were spooked out recently, it’s nice to see you get along with Hekate… It’s interesting that you view her as safe and helpful, especially a few weeks afterwards.

Ah! Thanks for mentioning that detail.

You know, that probably helped… since you can’t sleep as deeply on a chair as you would a cozy bed.

Sort of like how yogis get into those uncomfortable positions. I think this serves a similar function. They can’t fall into an amnesia level sleep very easily in those positions.

As a teen, I’d do consciousness experiments and self-hypnosis in the bathtub. (where if you fall completely asleep, you start to drown a bit and startle yourself awake lol)

One of the things I’d do is get in the bathtub near bedtime, so I could extend the loosey-goosy, mind candy hypnagogic state far beyond what I’d experience in bed. That’s a super powerful state.

Of course, that’s the favorite state of the more popular than ever Neville Goddard.

He mostly used chairs for his workings, much like you talk about here.

I guess I would’ve, too, but I think I’ve mostly had ones that are either TOO uncomfortable, or just a couple times, TOO comfortable. Dear, dear. You need to hit a sweet spot in between the two, I reckon.

How old are you?

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Recently turned 21

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Ah, ok! That’s a good age to be, too. Everyone is somewhere.

Have you always been intuitive since childhood, or all of this very new to you?

I always felt something more than physical. But I had no idea what exactly I feel. Year ago I asked myself “What is really going on? Why am I here and where is “here”?”. I suddenly made contact with girl spirit that hugged me (not a succub) and after that I was like “ok. something really going on beyond”. That is how I start my journey.

English is not my native language, I’m sorry for misunderstanding and mistakes if I did them

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Ah, so you’ve always lived in the greater reality.

That is so wonderful!

I am so happy you are now exploring this more, and sharing the best of you.

Oh, that is ok. Mistakes are part of life. We “fail forward” to success.

While you can’t speak it on the forum, may I ask what your language or your general area of the world?

I’m in Henderson, Nevada, bordering Las Vegas. I don’t want to be here. It was a cost saving measure.

I really liked Washington state and some parts of Oregon, California, Colorado and Pennsylvania. Pretty places with forests. I was and probably still am moving to Europe (Czech Republic).

I PM you