Hebrew sigil translation

Hi, I was reading the Words of power book by Damon Brand and I’m usually wary of sigils qnd such before I start opening them. I’m a newbie at Hebrew and I couldn’t find much in translators and dictionaries. Does anyone know what this master sigil says?
Appreciate the help.

my Hebrew is not good enough to translate the whole thing, I only see the third word(reading from right to left) it says Satan

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It looks to be the 42 letter name of God, which is made up of the first letter of every word from the Ana Bekoach (a jewish prayer from the first century). Baal Kadmon actually has a book about ways to use it in magic.

It can actually be found used in jewelry as a means of protection today.


I checked the ana bekoach, and seems you are right indeed


Thanks a lot! It’s hard to research in Hebrew as my vocabulary is very limited.


The book pretty much states what it is. It has to do with the 42 names of god.