HEAVY Mind-Control Magick

Say, you’re looking into a certain position or deal but must get through to certain managers, agents or owners. You may perform mind-control magick. A number of Spirits such as Paimon and Dantalion may assist.

Purple candles, controlling oil (made of licorice, sweet flag/calamus and bergamot oil) as well as photographs, signatures and business cards may be used. Puppets too, maybe.

But say the deal you’re aiming for IS realistic (you’re qualified and hard-working enough) but very tough to get (because of all the competition etc.). The level of strength employed in your ritual would need to be even greater than usual, and could possibly come close to a curse or an hex.

Any more methods? I prefer rituals that require less material and space. I guess that pacts, even blood pacts could be advisable in such cases.

You need to look at the situation from multiple angles and plenty of divination sessions.
Firstly, how do they people you wish to affect view you? Do they like you, or not?
What are the real obstacles in the situation? What is stopping them?
Answer those questions. You needed to get them on your side, through glamor on yourself, and sweetening or controlling spells on them.
You have competition? You need to get them out of the way. Bind them if need be.
This is all general advice, which you should read into to make sure what is right for your situation.

In tis cases a crow of success ,follow by open road,or i can,u cant,or do as i say , or boss oil,which personally u recomend? Yes wonder,many choices,

I think you’d do well at get at least one good, solid, reliable spirit who you’ve got a long-term pact with and who’ll look out for you and help.

Ideally, one you like, whose lore or reputation really appeals to you, maybe either has resonances in your own life, or is in some other way more than just a cool “mythology” to you.

Spirit doesn’t just mean “demon out of a grimoire” either, there are gods, elementals, unnamed spirits you meet during soul travel, even ancestors… you just need to find the right one, like getting a mentor when you’re new to a company or something.

A spirit that’s got an investment in your success is going to watch your back and send things your way, a spirit who’s just in it for short-term gain won’t care so much about the long-term outcome.

I think that’s wher tales of people getting what they asked for, but then it backfires, come from. JMO.

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I once worried abut a contract being renewed, and masturbated (not about the guy) about seeing and hearing the manager saying my contract was renewed. It got renewed within a week. So … maybe overzealous thinking, but thinking maybe that worked.

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