Hearing your guides & following intuition

When we hear our guides and intuition speak to us, listen to it. It is very important to listen and do what you are told in order to manifest change WITHOUT ritual. What I mean by this is, if you want to make more money, or find that special someone, LISTEN AND DO WHAT YOU ARE TOLD, no matter how small it seems. When we are going on with our daily lives and we begin to remove the daily chatter from our minds, we will notice that a little voice in our head may tell you to do things out of order in which you may do them. If you walk a specific route but get a very strong and random urge to use a different path, do it… if you always brush your teeth after you shower but today for some odd reason you feel as thought you want to do the opposite, do it. These tiny little actions can change the course of youre ENTIRE day. That extra second youre losing can lead you to that $100 bill on the ground. LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN to your guides. Dont ignore them. Trust me, live like this for a year and you will be absolutely amazed at the amounts of manifestations that will begin to occur.


Good post


just having a hard time telling the difference between my conscious hopes & wants vs intuition - it’s making me hesitate a lot. Any help on working through that?