Hearing my name being called in my sleep- Should I try evocation?

So, this is not a new occurrence for me. I have had instances where I hear someone call my name in my sleep or when I am about to sleep come to find out no one called me or that person was sleeping.
The only reason I am even thinking of evocation was that the same night that I completed the ritual from 72 Angels of MAGICK by Damon Brand I heard my name being called and heard my name being called again throughout these past few days until about an hour ago.

Now, I do not have developed psychic senses. I have never been able to hear a spirit. I can barely feel if they are there (if that is actually the feeling) and if it weren’t for the hearing my name (and a couple of other signs), I would think they would not want to talk to me at all. Should I attempt to try to evoke the angel? How would I know it is the angel and not something else?

Thank you

Note: I am not sleep deprived and have been getting excellent sleep lately.

You may know that according to what your intuition (while, as for everybody else, “capable” of being refined) tells you. Indeed, during sleep or “bordering” it, sometimes it happens to hear sounds or voices; as something which I’m considering myself, about hearing spirits, this reminds of having to enter and, if necessary, deepen a state of magical trance. A few methods are the cloud of light descending over the body relaxing it, or looking at the wall/ceiling angle and pulling the vision back e.g. by pretending to look at it through a glass panel.