Hear me out please. Incubus maybe?

It gets kind of long then hear me out but this is a post from almost a year ago I made on Reddit that I think I finally understand.

***Hello here are my stats
F/22/seen ghost plenty times/have faith/ lucid dreaming is super easy for me.

Here’s what’s been happening.
I’ve been in my house for two years (im the first owner) now and no problems for the first 1.5 yrs. Starting a few months ago I started to have these dreams but not dreams?

(2 other dreams I dont understand but are long can post if needed)

Third ‘dream’ (18+ kind of dream)
I was taking a nap in the middle of the day on my bed thinking nothing of ghost or what have you. Had a dream where I was getting turned on and enjoying it. But then it crossed my mind someone else is here. Dream brain now knows/feels like I’m having sex? Dream brain turns to look at the gentleman and I dont see a face but think ’ this isnt real’ went to move my dream hand through his arm but got surprised when it connected and I held on and the gentleman knew what I was doing and I could feel him smiling when I realized I touched his arm. I felt my grip on his arm no joke. So the dream continues to him ummm finishing? And dream brain has other dreams I wake up and it took 5 mins to remember what happened and i was scared for a second.

Fourth ‘dream’ (6am 7/31/19)
I was on my left side again arm under my pillow and head on pillow I wake up think ‘oh that was a nice little dream’ (upon dealing with below I realized after I stayed awake I had some erie dreams before this next part) closes eyes again and not 3 seconds later my WHOLE BODY is tingling and I’m scared.

Tried to open my eyes right away but I cant. I thought I dont want to see anything but kind of saw something move on top on my right hand side (at the time i was thinking it was my floral pillow I normally wrap around at night but after waking up it was behind me and I was using a different pillow. Not that they moved around I just lost track of what pillow I was hugging.) My whole body is numb and I cant move. It feels like I’m wrapped in a really heavy blanket and any force I gave. 2x as much was used against me.

I can tell something is over top of me and said in my head “leave me alone” Then in the right ear “incoherent mumble nathan (I think that’s was I heard)” i wake up briefly but my body decided it wanted to go back to sleep and instantly back under that ‘blanket’ tingles and all. I hear in the same deep voice “you just let me know”. Woke up terrified and now I’m typing all this out. 7:21am.****

Sooo I think Nathan is an incubus. I know you have to ask to say their name but I’ve not had contact with him since my reddit post. I kind of want to ask for him to visit me again but if not an incubus then what?

If you have an idea I would love your advice


Sounds like an incubus to me but I wouldn’t be afraid they aren’t how they are depicted I’d call him ‘only’ to talk and see why he came and if you still want him around ask him to move things slow…if not ask him nicely to leave and explain that you were not looking for this kind of thing…it’s better when you communicate with them then to not do so


Okay thank you, how do I know if I’m talking to him or if he responds. Was there a better time to talk to him? My theory would probably be as he’d appeared to me like you did last time and then I could ‘lucid dream’ speak with him.

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There are many ways to speak to them honestly you know you don’t have to dream to talk that’s just one way you can call his name like hey Nate? Are you there and then say if you can talk to me telapaticly so we can talk…

Or you can do a pendallum yes no candle yes no
(Just a necklace with a ring or something dangling and hold it to where it can swing freely ask a question and it will move on its own if yes and won’t move if no it’s quite fascinating to watch)
(Candle method you ask a question either the flame will move left right or dance for yes/maybe or not at all for no)

The method with a note book letters number and pendallum
(You write all the letters down and numbers and ask your question while they spell it out for you
You go through each letter slowly and if the pendallum moves after you say that letter write it down on separate paper) this is the long way but works well

Last one is automatically writing
(Blind fold your self ask him to write out with your hand what he wants to say make sure your relaxed with all of these and a clear mind and then your hand may or may not move on its own) I did this one once and my hand was swore after words the entity I called had alot to say…

Try any of these and communication should be made between you two don’t be afraid and scared if you see things start to happen take deep breaths and think of nice things or count…our minds see them as scary when they really aren’t that bad.

Thank you I’m gonna try a few ways tonight! Thank you for the options to calm down I would of never thought of them! I’ll let you know how it goes

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I’d love to hear about it and no problem at all all these ways I’ve tried with Furfur and they work so no worries

If you decide to keep him, set up some rules. I’m sure he’s waiting for a answer.

Very insightful, thanks for sharing.

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