Healing with the planets

According to this book I’m reading, each of the planets are connected to different body parts. So you by invoking the right planet, you can work to heal specific parts.

Is this true? If so, how do you go about doing it.

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What book is this from?

That’s because astrology is divided into 12 sections, each one rules a specific terrain including human body parts… this is why people look the way they are sometimes. Astronomical influence :wink: if you study all of them you’ll know how to heal with the planets. I use Venus specifically. Have a look at reflexology too :slight_smile: take care

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there is more than 12 zodiacal regions
as human we have 3 biological basic functions each 0of those ruled by an organ
like the vegetative function ruled by the liber or the human inteligible function ruled by the brain
even if the mind is ruled by mercury the physical brain is ruled by the moon
so medical astrology is more than just 12 secctions

I would suggest you check out the old 4 greek virtues as they relate to the health of the body