Healing Techniques That Work

Hey All,

I’d like to start a thread detailing experiences with healing techniques that have worked for people, similar to the one in the Money section.

I’ll start.

On Friday I awoke with a sore throat, and blocked sinuses, which were giving me a headache. I decided to try to prevent the cold from taking hold fully.

Wayne Dyer has a meditation called the ‘I Am’ meditation. I decided to try it, but instead of focusing outward on God, I focused on the God Inside.

On the inhalation, I repeated ‘I AM Perfect Health’ and on the exhale, ‘I AM.’ I did this in my mind, over and over again for about three hours. I did this while I was trying to sleep. I also did it while watching television. I did it for a total of eight hours that day.

On the inhalation, I brought my awareness to the God Inside, and on the exhalation, I thought about my GodSelf expanding within my physical form and cancelling out the sickness.

The next day, my sore throat was gone, but my nose was still stuffed so I continued. I did the affirmation constantly throughout the day.

I have done this for a total of three days and the cold never told hold. All I have is a minor runny nose. It is important to note that I took no cold medications, except for a couple of ibuprofen to ease the sinus headache.

Anyone else have techniques they’d care to share?


One time i had a terrible headache and i tried something very simple that worked instantly.I imagined a white light around my head and i said the word ‘‘cure’’.I made the light to vibrate with the word and in 5 seconds almost the 80% of the pain had gone.
Something like the middle pillar exercise in a simplified version.Also i did some pore breathing to absorb the light inside my head.

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Louise Hay says sore throat & sinus issues are from swallowing anger from issues you have with someone close, the runny nose inner tears & crying for help. Her affirmations for this center around loving yourself, that you have the right to express yourself freely & have harmony in your inner world.

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ok, I got a odd one… I developed a phalangeal cyst over the course of about 3/4 months. I went to see a dr about it & he said surgery was the only answer which as a chef I declined as it meant I would no longer be able to move the joint. I had my chakras rebalanced & also did a rebirthing ( unrelated to the cyst ) & within a month it was gone & my dr was flabbergasted!

I use Chi movements to heal my body.

Basically, I will breathe steadily, in and out, really deep. I do this until I start to feel the energy in my body. Then, I use my intention to move the energy to the spot that is hurting or ill.

I use about one treatment of about ten minutes a day and so far the longest I’ve had to use it for was three days, and that was over a pinched tendon that was so bad I no longer had full use of my arm without intense pain.

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Ok I know this may sound very strange… but Imagine inside of you is a shining vigilant warrior who loves you and is devoted to you. Feel his pleasure to serve you. Feel his light shine like an inner ward.

At this point I must say that I am not trying to suggest anything to you in an invasive way.

You may see something like black slime with some dark colors in it that is sticky. If you try to touch it with spirit hands it might sink in deeper or spread. So you gota shine and release the inner light warrior. Feel the sensation super charge you physically as you breath. You feel the very affirmation as absolute truth, “I AM PERFECTLY HEALTHY!” No need to yell or go on a mega inner imaginary race or battle. Just feel the intensity of the sensation. You may even literally hear or physical feel ringing or sounds go off inside your brain. Afterwards, go drink lots of water and relax for a bit.

Remember, you aren’t telling your ego or your memory, your sending a current through your body rejuvenating your bodies on functions to fight a physical organism which have invaded your body. Even the inner visualized black thing is simply a simulated personification merely to help you determine where the ill is and then test you for the inner resolve to establish the radiance within yourself.

I don’t Wuna say much but I’ll just say that I can sense very early before I get sick and there is a kind of agreement which takes place inside of a person. I call that general universal early impulse, the “foreripple”. If you can sense that early, it’s easier to fight off and take precautions. Though, such sensitivity requires a level of self receptivity and health maintenance. Though, truth be told, the average human body is not all that picky.

Just stress all by itself can literally cause all manor of wild defects. Learning how to sense stress and it’s various manifestations is key to these things.

Keeping my chakras in order and my aura healthy seem to fight off a lot. Also as mundane as it sounds drinking a lot of water taking vitamins and staying away from aspartame seem to keep me well. Also I work with the public I keep hand sanitizer and wash hands accordingly. For headaches healing frequincies work for me also for sinus troubles. Enki and Hermes are good to call on for healing. And Thoth once took all the pain out of a toothache for me.

So, I do chi healing on myself whenever I get sick. So, last week, I had a killer headache and a nauseated stomach, this happened during my break at work.

So, I started doing deep abdominal breathing, and within a few minutes I could feel my chi gathering in my body. Then, each of my symptoms were forced out. I burped a lot of gas and that got my stomach under control, easy. But, what happened with my headache was insane. The energy that I was building in my body forced the pressure out, and it went out my left eye. It took two times, but I would feel the pressure build up behind my eye everything would dim and I would just stop for a moment, and then it would be released in the form of tears. It was one of the craziest experiences I’ve ever had.

LOVE it!!!


Right side of the neck where it connects to shoulder. Left rotor cuff. Left inner knee[/quote]

Telgega was soooo right in these areas of his scan. Joint issues have always been with me. Especially the knees…

Thank you for taking the time to share your gift with us. Hopefully, we’ll be able to return the favor in another way sometime in the future. : )

[quote=“Tami1210, post:11, topic:6965”][quote=“telgega”]OK.

Right side of the neck where it connects to shoulder. Left rotor cuff. Left inner knee[/quote]

Telgega was soooo right in these areas of his scan. Joint issues have always been with me. Especially the knees…

Thank you for taking the time to share your gift with us. Hopefully, we’ll be able to return the favor in another way sometime in the future. : )[/quote]

I’m holding to have my own healing center in the future. There actually is one that opened up a few miles dow n the road

I AM PROF. LUCIFUGE ROFOCALLE aka. Frank Gehry. aka james overton. please read the following.
After almost 14 years of being in agony every day and taking up to 30 tablets a day for pain and muscle spasms and my back killing me , every single day , feeling grumpy coz always in pain , short tempered , even more so if late to take tablets for whatever reason , so reacting and shouting/being mad at everything and everyone in my way , I’ve found a cure , which is incredible, can’t quite believe it tbh !
Only thing that’s helped before is exercise at S18gym gym but then pain comes back 2-3 hours after .
Or a massage , but again pain comes back ! Even tried acupuncture, again worked for 2/3 hours !
This new fix has worked for 3 days and I’m cutting down on my tablets slowly as I’m honestly addicted to them and can go in to toxic shock if I just stop tramadol and diazepam etc…?! And possibly die ???
So I am now on the lowest level and strength of tablets I’ve ever been on , and hoping by next week I will have phased out 75% of all my tablets at least , which is simply a miracle tbh !
The way it’s happened is madness and I still can’t believe it’s going actually worked and my pain of almost 14 years , is I hope behind me forever !
Alternative therapies may be seen as BS or a waste of time , but I am living proof , I can arrange for this to be done to anyone else who is in , or who knows friends and family , who are crippled up with pains the NHS can’t move ! ?
It would be my pleasure to help !
Ty Lucifuge Rofocalle AKA James Overton, for opening my mind and performing what I am considering a miracle after 3 days with no pain , after lining with this pain for almost 14 years since my accident and paraplegia , I could only dream about this until now , still very surreal tbh and still can’t quite believe it myself , but 3 days with no pain??? The proof of the pudding is in the eating ! And I’ve had my fill !
there’s never been a bigger sceptic than me , and I still can’t quite believe it ? But the results speak for themselves!
He has done what massage the NHS and tablets/medication haven’t been able to do in 14 years slimiest !
Happy Jamie , feel like a weight has been lifted off my back !
Worth its weight in gold to anyone who lives daily with chronic pain .
14 years of pain to no pain at all !
The future looks bright !
Ty My friend Jim Bob , made me a believer …

Demon Marbas helped me couple of times with healing. Other then that I think a lot of pains and aches have a subconscius root and when you do all this subliminal self or healing meditations and other stuff like that you work on subcousciuous and reduce or eliminate whatever is bothering at that level and pain related to that diminishes or go away. That’s how I think it works.

how do i cure someone else? and it’s really bad he’s barfing blood and the hospitals suck in his country.

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Hey dominus,

You asked:

This is the sigil of Mak’ta’lahn, from the Book of Azazel. Mak’ta’lahn is described therin as: “A master of mechanics. At face-value, this implies that he is able to fix that which is broken, wether made of metal or of flesh.” (found on page 142)

I can personally vouch for the effectiveness of this spirit in healing or “repairing” operations.

I had injured my left knee playing basketball, and many months later the knee was beginning to hurt during hiking, getting in and out of cars, even sitting cross legged for meditations. I was able to completely end the problem, and it never bothers me anymore.

Similarly, I had a constant metallic scent of blood in my nose for about half a week that would not leave. Not an injury per-se but still something wrong that needed to be healed. Since working with Mak’ta’lahn to remove the issue I’ve never had it again.

The most helpful working with Mak’ta’lahn I’ve conducted so far was in an effort to cure some sort of issue with my internal organs. Unlike the previous two mentioned problems this was very painful, my large intestines would fill with gas and swell up, my kidneys would get inflamed and also swell. The whole experience was like having a belt winched up around my internal organs. My belly area would swell up greatly and become firm to the touch like when a rubber balloon is over inflated. In the past the condition would come occasionally but the frequency was becoming too common. After working with Mak’ta’lahn I’ve never had these symptoms strike again.

Ive also worked with Mak’ta’lahn to repair other issues.

Its “too good to be true” right?

I used evocation in all of these workings, never was evocation to physical appearance required.

Find a good location to evoke Mak’ta’lahn, for me I use the hills at the edge of town for some privacy, isolation and beauty. Burn plenty of incense, aim for the most smoke possible- you cannot have too much smoke- the more the better. Hold Mak’ta’lahn’s sigil drawn on paper in thick black ink (permanent markers work well) in both hands, gaze at his sigil and focus on your intention: fixing your friends body. Push for successful fixing of your friend rather than the phenomenon of the spirit showing up. Give your conjuration, invite Mak’ta’lahn to appear, to manifest, to work and move in your life. Call him forth until you feel that he is present. Explain to him your situation, and request that your friend be fixed (healed). Be very respectful. You will need to get rid of all thoughts, attachments, emotions, desire for the goal of the ritual. You can visualize these things leaving you and Mak’ta’lahn receiving them. Then bid Mak’ta’lahn go and bring your will to pass. Close the ritual. Make sure you don’t let your thoughts or emotions dwell on the ritual or its intended result, as being attached to the result of the ritual will cause it to fail.

I hope this helps.


Hail Azazel!


thank you. more than helpful.