Healing several things

One, I have had lower testosterone levels than I’d like. Any methods of remedy for this would be great. It is also causing kidney damage.

I also have a bump that has developed on my right eye ball. Research has lead me to believe that it’s not dangerous, but I still want it gone. Natural remedies have not worked and I may have someone attacking me. I have an idea of too. And it is someone I could easily beat to a pulp, but legality and such… advice?

Yes. You must shapeshift into a Werewolf and then in the physical go tear them up. Not sure did some Voodoo guy jinx you or something? Did you get shoah cursed on youtube by Kabbalists? Maybe gou pissed off a satanist? Or how do you know its a curse and not related to a lifestyle or hereditary disease?

This just went up yesterday on one of my favourite health sites: http://www.marksdailyapple.com/8-essential-tips-for-primal-men/

It has some advice that’s directly about increasing testosterone.

Also, this -
Dominant Body Postures Increase Circulating Testosterone, Decrease Stress Hormones.

LoL! Not by a long shot. The people doing it ate people that I have been attacking myself. They are new age, wannabe Wiccans that have only the most basic understanding of magick. I’ll put it this way, I’ve caused at least one car crash for them, I dare say two since I haven’t seen one of the usual SUV at their store. All they have done is cause a harmless bump on my right eye. The testosterone thing is the result of smoking way too much pot. So that one is on me. How does one become a werewolf? Is it actually possible? Or just another myth that would probably just be more wishful thinking on my part?

According to fiction I read and watched…Werewolves always had a Hot energy whereas vampires were cold mystical. Werewolves were thus, always angry and blood thirsty. On some other fictional accounts some internet guy claiming to be an Ex-Vampire mentioned that Werewolves within secret societies heirarchy were used as Assassins…so I guess their training involves alot of things that piss them off. As far as mythologies vs reality go…you can think of Shapeshifters of a Werewolf or WereBear as being similar to Berserkers in Norse History. It has both a spiritual and physical necessity in Life as far as being able to assume an intense emotional state at the Snao of ones fingers… Usually in War…but if ones creative one can find more utilitarian uses for Berserker States of Mind and Body.

There aren’t many places online where “I have a bump on my head, any suggestions?” doesn’t result in the boring advice to “See a doctor” - instead, it’s “Turn into a werewolf”!

Because a spot of lycanthropy cures everything, right?

Love it! :smiley:

[quote=“Lady Eva, post:6, topic:7843”]There aren’t many places online where “I have a bump on my head, any suggestions?” doesn’t result in the boring advice to “See a doctor” - instead, it’s “Turn into a werewolf”!

Because a spot of lycanthropy cures everything, right?

Love it! :D[/quote]

Right? LoL! Fascinating idea, but no… I have looked into the bump. It is caused by dry eyes and exposure to dust and dirt. It’s harmless, but it won’t just go away on its own. It’s something called Conjunctiva. But it is still a problem I’d like solved. As far as doctors go… I have seen what big pharma has been upto and I don’t trust or like doctors. I will use them in a desperate situation, but this is not that. I feel I can do something about these things myself.

Now as far as shape shifting goes… it’s on my list of things to learn, but in this plain of reality I imagine it’s not as simple as a bite. It is probably a disciple to be mastered with some old wizard in the deep woods. And i doubt they would just teach me. I’d probably have to prove myself somehow.

Lucifer may help with things that block your vision or are likely to affect it in any way?

Or you could ask Lucifer to lead you to a cure.

I’ve donne things to my eyes using mantras and combinations of them.If you want to give it a try,use the mantra IM (pronounced like ‘‘HIm’’ without the H).

If you do it right,you’ll feel a piercing of energy inside your eyeballs.

lower Testosterone does not cause Kidney Damage but a damaging Kidney does lower testosterone.
Are you sure you don’t have any other underlying cause for the damage of your Kidneys? (such as Hyper/Hypo-thyroidism; type 2 Diabetes, or even High BP[possible cause]).
Please ask your Doc about the “stage” of your Kidney Damage too.
One thing you can try is an Ayurvedic Medicine to increase your testosterone levels. It is called “Ashwagandha”. It is derived from a plant (Scientific Name : Withania Somnifera) and is very effective in restoring hormones of our body. Before buying you can do some research on the Internet… and one thing is that, since you have a problem in your Kidneys I have no idea as to whether its safe to consume Ashwagandha(because of its bitterness) if you plan to give it a try.
Regarding healing, You can do some practice which I have mentioned in this post -> http://becomealivinggod.com/forum/healing-spells-and-cures/healling-help-needed-physical/